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Taisuke Yamada > Audio-SoundFile-0.16


This Release Audio-SoundFile-0.16  [Download] [Browse 14 Dec 2009
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Special Files


Audio::SoundFile Perl interface to libsndfile, a sound I/O library     0.16
Audio::SoundFile::Header Interface to handle sound format information     0.11
Audio::SoundFile::Reader Reader class for various sound formats     0.11
Audio::SoundFile::Writer Writer class for various sound formats     0.11


benchmark Compares processing speed of various methods  
makecopy cp(1) for sound file, using Audio::SoundFile library  
makeloud Increase sound level of input and writes to output  
makeslow Slows down playing speed by changing samplerate parameter  
mixsound A kludge that mixes two sound input into one  
showinfo Dumps sound file information stored in header  
writewav Converts any sound file into .wav format