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HTML::Entities::Numbered - Conversion of numbered HTML entities


 use HTML::Entities::Numbered;
 $html    = 'Hi Honey<b>&hearts;</b>';
 # convert named HTML entities to numbered (decimal)
 $decimal = name2decimal($html);    # Hi Honey<b>&#9829;</b>
 # to numbered (hexadecimal)
 $hex     = name2hex($html);        # Hi Honey<b>&#x2665;</b>
 $content = 'Copyright &#169; Larry Wall';
 # convert numbered HTML entities (decimal) to named
 $name1   = decimal2name($content); # Copyright &copy; Larry Wall
 $content = 'Copyright &#xA9; Larry Wall';
 # convert numbered HTML entitites (hexadecimal) to named
 $name2   = hex2name($content);     # Copyright &copy; Larry Wall
 $xml     = '&quot;Give me &yen;10,000&quot; &gt; cherie&spades;';
 # convert named HTML entities to numbered
 # except valid XML entities (decimal)
 $decimal = name2decimal_xml($xml); # &quot;Give me &#165;10,000&quot;
                                    # &gt; cherie&#9824;
 # to numbered except valid XML entities (hexdecimal)
 $hex     = name2hex_xml($xml);     # &quot;Give me &#xA5;10,000&quot;
                                    # &gt; cherie&#x2660;


HTML::Entities::Numbered is a content conversion filter for named HTML entities (symbols, mathmetical symbols, Greek letters, Latin letters, etc.). When an argument of name2decimal() or name2hex() contains some nameable HTML entities, they will be replaced to numbered HTML entities. And when an argument of name2decimal_xml() or name2hex_xml() contains some nameable numbered HTML entities, they will be replaced to numbered HTML entities except valid XML entities (the excepted "valid XML entities" are the following five entities: &lt;, &gt;, &amp;, &quot;, &apos;). By the same token, when an argument of decimal2name() or hex2name() contains some nameable numbered HTML entities, they will be replaced to named HTML entities.

(the exception "valid XML entities" means the following five entities: &lt;, &gt;, &amp;, &quot;, &apos;)

On version 0.03, the entities hash table is imported from HTML::Entities (with obsolete class HTML::Entities::Numbered::Extra for older releases of Perl). At the moment, 0.04 (or later) is included HTML::Entities::Numbered::Table to import HTML entities table, and thereby we do not need to have HTML::Entities (included in HTML::Parser distribution).

This may be also useful for making valid XML (corrects the undefined entity references, and enhanced by addition of functions conform to the XML).


Following all functions are exported by default.

If you'd prefer not to import them functions into the caller's namespace, you can call them as below:

 use HTML::Entities::Numbered ();
 $decimal = HTML::Entities::Numbered::name2decimal($str);
 $hex     = HTML::Entities::Numbered::name2hex($str);
 $named1  = HTML::Entities::Numbered::decimal2name($str);
 $named2  = HTML::Entities::Numbered::hex2name($str);
 $decimal = HTML::Entities::Numbered::name2decimal_xml($str);
 $hex     = HTML::Entities::Numbered::name2hex_xml($str);


Koichi Taniguchi <>

Develop triggered by IKEBE Tomohiro <>

Many thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <>


Copyright (c) 2004 Koichi Taniguchi. Japan. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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