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WWW::Sucksub::Divxstation - automated access to


Version 0.04


SuckSub::Divxstation is a wab robot based on the WWW::Mechanize Module This module search and collect distant result on the base Subtitles Files are very little files, Sucksub::Divstation store all results of any search in a dbm file. You can retrieve it through an html file.

    use WWW::Sucksub::Divxstation;
    my $foo = WWW::Sucksub::Divxstation->new(
                                        dbfile=> '/where/your/DBM/file is.db',
                                        html =>'/where/your/html/repport/is.html',
                                        motif=> 'the word(s) you search',
                                        debug=> 1, 
                                        logout => '/where/your/debug/info/are/written.log',                                                     );
    $foo->update();     # collect all link corresponding to the $foo->motif()
    $foo->motif('x');   # modify the search criteria 
    $foo->search();     # launch a search on the local database 


Divxstation Constructor

The new() constructor, is associated to default values : you can modify these one as shown in the synopsis example.

        my $foo = WWW::Sucksub::Divxstation->new(
                html=> "$ENV{HOME}"."/sksb_divxstation_report.html",
                dbfile=> "$ENV{HOME}"."/sksb_divxstation_db.db",
                motif=> undef,
                debug=> 0, 
                logout => undef, # i.e. *STDOUT                                         
                useragent=> "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.5) Gecko/20031007"

new() constructor attributes and associated methods

Few attributes can be set thru new() attributes. All attributes can be modified by corresponding methods:

        $foo->useragent() # get the useragent attribute value
        $foo->useragent('tructruc') # set the useragent attribute value to 'tructruc'


arg must be a file, this default value can be modified by calling the


modify the default value positionned by the new constructor.


return the actual value of the cookies file path.


arg should be a valid useragent. There's no reason to change this default value.


return the value of the current useragent.


you should here give a real value to this function : if $foo->motif is undef, the package execution will be aborted


allows to precise that you're searching a word that contains 'xxx'


return the current value of the string you search.


WWW-Sucksub-Divxstation can produce a lot of interresting informations The default value is "0" : that means that any debug informations will be written on the output ( see the logout() method too.)

        $foo->debug(0) # stop the product of debbugging informations
        $foo->debug(1) # debug info will be written to the log file ( see logout() method)


if you want some debug information : args is 1, else 0 or undef

                logout => undef; 

output and optional debugging info will be produced ont STDOUT or any other descriptor if you give filename as arg.


define dbm file for store and retrieving extracted informations you must provide a full path to the db file to store results. the search() method can not be used without defined dbm file.


The file will should be readable/writable.


Define simple html output where to write search report. you must provide au full path to the html file if you want to get an html output.


If $foo->html() is defined. you can get the value of this attribute like this :

        my $html_page = $foo->html

html file will be used for repport with update() and search() methods.


these functions use the precedent attributes value.


this function takes no arguments. it alows to launch a local dbm search.

        $foo-> search()

the dbm file is read to give you every couple (title,link) which corresponds to the motif() pattern.


this function takes no arguments. it alows to initiate the distant search on the web site the local dbm file is automatically written. Results are accumulated to the dbm file you define.


return a hash of every couple ( title, http link of subtitle file ) the search or update method returned.

        my %hash=$foo->get_all_result()



Timothée foucart, <>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.



Copyright 2005 Timothée foucart, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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