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Tim Rayner > Bio-MAGETAB-1.26


This Release Bio-MAGETAB-1.26  [Download] [Browse 23 Oct 2012
Latest Release Bio-MAGETAB-1.31  [Download] [Browse 11 Apr 2014
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Bio::MAGETAB A data model and utility API for the MAGE-TAB format.     1.26
Bio::MAGETAB::ArrayDesign MAGE-TAB array design class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Assay MAGE-TAB assay class      
Bio::MAGETAB::BaseClass Abstract base class for all MAGE-TAB classes.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Comment MAGE-TAB user-defined comment class      
Bio::MAGETAB::CompositeElement MAGE-TAB composite element class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Contact MAGE-TAB contact class      
Bio::MAGETAB::ControlledTerm MAGE-TAB controlled term class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Data Abstract data class      
Bio::MAGETAB::DataAcquisition MAGE-TAB data acquisition class      
Bio::MAGETAB::DataFile MAGE-TAB data file class      
Bio::MAGETAB::DataMatrix MAGE-TAB data matrix class      
Bio::MAGETAB::DatabaseEntry MAGE-TAB database entry class      
Bio::MAGETAB::DesignElement Abstract design element class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Edge MAGE-TAB edge class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Event Abstract event class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Extract MAGE-TAB extract class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Factor MAGE-TAB experimental factor class      
Bio::MAGETAB::FactorValue MAGE-TAB experimental factor class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Feature MAGE-TAB feature class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Investigation MAGE-TAB investigation class      
Bio::MAGETAB::LabeledExtract MAGE-TAB labeled extract class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Material Abstract material class      
Bio::MAGETAB::MatrixColumn MAGE-TAB matrix column class      
Bio::MAGETAB::MatrixRow MAGE-TAB matrix row class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Measurement MAGE-TAB measurement class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Node Abstract node class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Normalization MAGE-TAB data acquisition class      
Bio::MAGETAB::ParameterValue MAGE-TAB parameter value class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Protocol MAGE-TAB protocol class      
Bio::MAGETAB::ProtocolApplication MAGE-TAB protocol application class      
Bio::MAGETAB::ProtocolParameter MAGE-TAB protocol parameter class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Publication MAGE-TAB publication class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Reporter MAGE-TAB reporter class      
Bio::MAGETAB::SDRFRow MAGE-TAB SDRF row class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Sample MAGE-TAB sample class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Source MAGE-TAB source class      
Bio::MAGETAB::TermSource MAGE-TAB term source class      
Bio::MAGETAB::Types custom data types for Bio::MAGETAB      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Builder A storage class used to track Bio::MAGETAB object creation.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::DBLoader A persistent storage class used to track Bio::MAGETAB object creation and insertion into a relational database.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Persistence A Tangram-based object persistence class for MAGE-TAB.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader A parser/validator for MAGE-TAB documents.     1
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::ADF ADF parser class.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::DataMatrix Data matrix parser class.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::IDF IDF parser class.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::SDRF SDRF parser class.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::Tabfile An abstract class providing methods for handling tab-delimited files.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Reader::TagValueFile An abstract class providing methods for handling tab-delimited files.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::RewriteAE A utility class providing methods to correct some common errors in ArrayExpress MAGE-TAB documents.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer Export of MAGE-TAB objects.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer::ADF Export of MAGE-TAB ArrayDesign objects.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer::GraphViz Visualization of MAGE-TAB objects.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer::IDF Export of MAGE-TAB Investigation objects.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer::SDRF Export of MAGE-TAB SDRF objects.      
Bio::MAGETAB::Util::Writer::Tabfile Abstract MAGE-TAB exporter class.