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Source   Latest Release: Pinto-0.14


Pinto::Manual::Thanks - Thanking the Pinto supporters


version 0.0997


In April of 2013, brian d foy organized a crowdfunding campaign to finance further development of Pinto. To my knowledge, this was the first and (so far) largest crowdfunding campaign for an open source Perl project.

Thanks to the hard work of numerous individuals, the campaign ultimately exceeded its goals and raised $4,620.12 from 128 contributors (listed below). I am truly grateful to each and every one of them. Because of their generous support, I can continue doing the work I love most.

  jrw 32982               Nathan Glenn            Ekki Plicht             
  Olaf Alders             Michael Gregorowicz     Steve Purkis            
  Mark Allen              Jason Harlan            Sean Quinlan            
  Rohan Almeida           George Hartzell         Michael Rasmussen       
  Pat And Don             John Haugeland          Will Redd               
  Ross Attrill            Sherry Heinz            Jozef Reisinger         
  Renee B                 Khaled Hussein          Dan Risse               
  John Bales              Toby Inkster            Michel Rodriguez        
  Michiel Beijen          Infinity Interactive    Daniel Ruoso            
  Alan Berndt             Perl Is Fun             Bill Ruppert            
  James Beshara           Chris Jack              Timothy Sailer          
  Neil Bowers             Paul Johnson            Jorge Sainz             
  Norbert Brandl          Prakash Kailasa         Moosa Salem             
  Philippe Bruhat         Alexander Karelas       Conrad Schneiker        
  Lee Carmichael          Aydar Khabibullin       Clayton Scott           
  Yanick Champoux         Andrey Khozov           Craig Scrivner          
  Gustavo Chaves          Wolfgang Kinkeldei      Li Sen                  
  Peter Chines            Yaroslav Korshak        Michael South           
  Adam Clarke             Damien Krotkine         Tadeusz Sosnierz        
  Olav Cleemann           Michael Kr\xF6ll           Marc St Raymond         
  Jody Clements           Tom Legrady             Seth Surchin            
  Greg Cole               Felipe Leprevost        Gabor Szabo             
  Montgomery Conner       Hermen Lesscher         Christopher Taranto     
  Tudor Constantin        Vladimir Lettiev        Jan Thorsen             
  Anon Contrib            Carlos Lima             Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi 
  Anonymous Contributor   Nick Logan              A Sinan Unur            
  Justin Cook             S\xF8ren Lund              Bruce Van Allen         
  Dave Cross              Jim Martinez            Todd Wade               
  Tomasz Czepiel          Naveed Massjouni        Brian Wisti             
  Seth Daniel             Vyacheslav Matyukhin    John Wittkoski          
  Robert Debowski         Gabriel Munoz           William Wolf            
  Gautam Dey              Kamen Naydenov          Chisel Wright           
  Jos\xE9 Diaz Seng          Al Newkirk              Sawyer X                
  Boris D\xE4ppen            T Nishimura             Andy Yates              
  Magnus Enger            Ryan Olson              Doyle Young             
  Hugh Esco               Marco Palma             Marek Zareba            
  Roman F                 Karen Pauley            Kev Zettler             
  David Farrell           Bryan Paxton            j0e axford              
  Eric Folley             Emil Perhinschi         dagur                   
  Mike Friedman           Matt Perry              brian d foy             
  Wolf Gang               Dimitar Petrov          del skorch              
  Greg Gerke              Jamie Pitts             Allen van der Ross      

I also thank Crowdtilt for graciously allowing us to use their fundraising platform free of charge, and for providing such excellent customer support during our campaign.


Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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