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Thomas Berger > OAI-Harvester


This Release OAI-Harvester-1.20  [Download] [Browse 24 Jan 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::OAI::Base A base class for all OAI-PMH responses     1.20
Net::OAI::Error OAI-PMH errors.      
Net::OAI::GetRecord The results of a GetRecord OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::Harvester A package for harvesting metadata using OAI-PMH     1.20
Net::OAI::Identify Results of the Identify OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::ListIdentifiers Results of the ListIdentifiers OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::ListMetadataFormats Results of the ListMetadataFormats OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::ListRecords Results of the ListRecords OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::ListSets The results of the ListSets OAI-PMH verb.      
Net::OAI::Record An OAI-PMH record.      
Net::OAI::Record::DocumentHelper filter class for fine tuning document events and collecting processing results     1.20
Net::OAI::Record::Header class for record header representation     1.20
Net::OAI::Record::NamespaceFilter general filter class based on namespace URIs     1.20
Net::OAI::Record::OAI_DC class for baseline Dublin Core support     1.20
Net::OAI::ResumptionToken An OAI-PMH resumption token.      


oai-listmetadata list metadataformats in an OAI-PMH archive  
oai-listrecords list records in an OAI-PMH archive  
oai-listsets list sets in an OAI-PMH archive