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Module Version: 0.2_92   Source  


SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher - additional methods for SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator


  $source = SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher->new(...);


This package provides the functionallity to export a BEACON file from the data connected with an SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator instance and also the additional formats "redirect" and "sources" which universally can be used as callbacks for SeeAlso::Server (replacing the default "seealso" method yielding JSON data).

new ( ... )

Creates an SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator object with additional methods from this package enabled

activate ()

Makes SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator objects member of this class, globally enabling the additional methods


  $db = SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Maintenance->new(...);
  do stuff
  require SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher
          or die "could not require Publisher extension";
  SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher->activate();   # "recast" all objects
  do more stuff

beacon ( [dumpmeta arguments] )

produces a BEACON file (however, $cgibase is mandatory)

dumpmeta ( [$cgibase, [$uAformatname, [$headersonly]]] [, $preset])

produces only the meta fields of a BEACON file

Meta fields are generated from the $preset Hashref, falling back to values stored in the database, falling back to reasonable default values.



URL of the SeeAlso service the BEACON file is provided for


unAPI format name to be used as target (Default: "sources")


currently unused


Hashref of Beacon header fields overriding the contents of the database

Regular Usage:

  $db = SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher->new(...);
  binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8");
  my $cgibase = "http://address/of/service";
  my ( $error, $headerref) = $db->beacon($cgibase, @ARGV, {'FORMAT' => 'PND-BEACON'});

CGI Usage:

  $format = $CGI->param('format') || "";
  if ( $format eq "beacon" ) {  # bypass SeeAlso::Server->query() b/c performance / interim storage
                                  insert access restrictions here...
      do_beacon($source, $CGI);

 sub do_beacon {
   my ($self, $cgi) = @_;           # Of type SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator
   unless ( $self->can("beacon") ) {
       croak "On the fly generation of beacon Files not supported by this service";}
   my $cgibase = $cgi->url(-path_info=>1);

   print $cgi->header( -status => 200,
                      -expires => '+1d',
                         -type => 'text/plain',
                      -charset => 'utf-8',
   return $self->beacon($cgibase, "sources", {});     # prints directly to stdout..., returns $error, $headerref

redirect ( $server, $format, $extra, $query )

Produces an HTTP redirect page, HTML content contains very terse details in case of multiple results.

This subroutine may be used as callback method in SeeAlso::Server

Usage is a bit cludgy due to author's lack of understanding of SeeAlso::Server

  $source = SeeAlso::Sources::BeaconAggregator::Publisher->new(...);
  $CGI = CGI->new();

  $formats = {
    redirect => {
           type => "text/html", 
           docs => "",
#        method => \&SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher::redirect,
  #redirect_300 => 'sources',

  $server   = SeeAlso::Server->new (
          'cgi' => $CGI,
      'formats' => $formats,

  # Closure as fix: does not expose self, $source and the CGI object to the format methods
  my $oref = \&SeeAlso::Source::BeaconAggregator::Publisher::redirect;
    = sub {return &$oref($source, $server, $method, $formats->{$method}, @_)};

  my $result = $server->query($source);



SeeAlso::Server object. Must contain a CGI object


Name of a format registered with the $server object ()


Hashref with the following configuration directives

  redirect_300 => CGI 'format' parameter to be used in HTML content (eg. format=sources)

  force_single => Only regard the first hit (thus always redirect)

Identifier to be queried

sources ( $server, $format, $extra, $query )

Produces an HTML page with details to the queried identifier (description of sources)

This subroutine may be used as callback method in SeeAlso::Server (cf. description of redirect above


SeeAlso::Server object


Format selected for $server


Hashref with the following configuration directives

  css => URL of css file to be referenced

Identifier to be queried

get_meta ()

Returns a pair of hash references:

  1. OSD fields
  2. Beacon header fields


    Thomas Berger


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.

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