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Ton Hospel > Graph-Layout-Aesthetic-0.12


This Release Graph-Layout-Aesthetic-0.12  [Download] [Browse 30 Nov 2005
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Special Files


Graph::Layout::Aesthetic A module for laying out graphs    0.12
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force Base class for graph layout aesthetic forces    0.01
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::Centripetal Nodes try to move away from the center of gravity    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::MinEdgeIntersect Try to make edges uncross    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::MinEdgeIntersect2 Try to make edges uncross, stronger version    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::MinEdgeLength Connected nodes attract    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::MinLevelVariance Try to put nodes at the same level equally far from the left    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::NodeEdgeRepulsion Nodes and edges repel each other    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::NodeRepulsion Nodes repel each other    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::ParentLeft Try to place parents to the left of their children    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Force::Perl Write aesthetic forces using perl    0.01
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Include Include files that were used to build Graph::Layout::Aesthetic    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Monitor::GnuPlot Display progress of a graph layout using gnuplot    0.02
Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Topology Graph topology for use by Graph::Layout::Aesthetic    0.02

Documentation A commandline graph layout tool