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Tim Bunce > DBI-1.630


This Release DBI-1.630  [Download] [Browse 28 Oct 2013
Latest Release DBI-1.641  [Download] [Browse 19 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bundle::DBI A bundle to install DBI and required modules.     12.008696
DBD::DBM a DBI driver for DBM & MLDBM files     0.08
DBD::ExampleP     12.014311
DBD::File Base class for writing file based DBI drivers     0.42
DBD::Gofer A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI     0.015327
DBD::Gofer::Policy::Base Base class for DBD::Gofer policies     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Policy::classic The 'classic' policy for DBD::Gofer     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Policy::pedantic The 'pedantic' policy for DBD::Gofer     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Policy::rush The 'rush' policy for DBD::Gofer     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Transport::Base base class for DBD::Gofer client transports     0.014121
DBD::Gofer::Transport::corostream Async DBD::Gofer stream transport using Coro and AnyEvent      
DBD::Gofer::Transport::null DBD::Gofer client transport for testing     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Transport::pipeone DBD::Gofer client transport for testing     0.010088
DBD::Gofer::Transport::stream DBD::Gofer transport for stdio streaming     0.014599
DBD::NullP     12.014715
DBD::Proxy A proxy driver for the DBI     0.2004
DBD::Sponge Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data     12.010003
DBI Database independent interface for Perl     1.630
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ANSI ISO/IEC SQL/CLI Constants for GetInfo     2.008697
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ODBC ODBC Constants for GetInfo     2.011374
DBI::Const::GetInfoReturn Data and functions for describing GetInfo results     2.008697
DBI::Const::GetInfoType Data describing GetInfo type codes     2.008697
DBI::DBD Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide     12.015129
DBI::DBD::Metadata Generate the code and data for some DBI metadata methods     2.014214
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine Base class for DBI drivers without their own SQL engine     0.06
DBI::FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Database Interface     1.014935
DBI::Gofer::Execute Executes Gofer requests and returns Gofer responses     0.014283
DBI::Gofer::Request Encapsulate a request from DBD::Gofer to DBI::Gofer::Execute     0.012537
DBI::Gofer::Response Encapsulate a response from DBI::Gofer::Execute to DBD::Gofer     0.011566
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base base class for Gofer serialization     0.009950
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::DataDumper Gofer serialization using DataDumper     0.009950
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Storable Gofer serialization using Storable     0.015586
DBI::Gofer::Transport::Base Base class for Gofer transports     0.012537
DBI::Gofer::Transport::pipeone DBD::Gofer server-side transport for pipeone     0.012537
DBI::Gofer::Transport::stream DBD::Gofer server-side transport for stream     0.012537
DBI::Profile Performance profiling and benchmarking for the DBI     2.015065
DBI::ProfileData manipulate DBI::ProfileDumper data dumps     2.010008
DBI::ProfileDumper profile DBI usage and output data to a file     2.015325
DBI::ProfileDumper::Apache capture DBI profiling data from Apache/mod_perl     2.014121
DBI::ProfileSubs Subroutines for dynamic profile Path     0.009396
DBI::ProxyServer a server for the DBD::Proxy driver     0.3005
DBI::SQL::Nano a very tiny SQL engine     1.015544
DBI::Util::CacheMemory a very fast but very minimal subset of Cache::Memory     0.010315
DBI::Util::_accessor     0.009479


DBD::File::Developers Developers documentation for DBD::File  
DBD::File::HowTo Guide to create DBD::File based driver  
DBD::File::Roadmap Planned Enhancements for DBD::File and pure Perl DBD's  
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::Developers Developers documentation for DBI::DBD::SqlEngine  
DBI::DBD::SqlEngine::HowTo Guide to create DBI::DBD::SqlEngine based driver  
DBI::PurePerl a DBI emulation using pure perl (no C/XS compilation required)  
DBI::W32ODBC An experimental DBI emulation layer for Win32::ODBC  
Win32::DBIODBC Win32::ODBC emulation layer for the DBI  
dbilogstrip filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing  
dbiprof command-line client for DBI::ProfileData  
dbiproxy A proxy server for the DBD::Proxy driver  

Other Files