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pmd_grapher - display Module::Dependency info in a graphical manner


        pmd_grapher.plx [-h] [-t]
                [-f FORMAT] [-o <datafile>]
                [-m REGEX] [-n REGEX] [-s START_AT [-r] [-b]]

        -h Displays this help
        -t Displays tracing messages
        -f Choose an output format - default is 'png'
           'text' - Output with the makeText method to emit a plaintext tree.
           'html' - Output with the makeHtml method to emit an HTML fragment.
           'gif'/'png' - Output an image.
           'ps'/'eps' - Output (Encapsulated) PostScript (requires PostScript::Simple)
           'svg' - Scalable Vector Graphic
        -o the location of the datafile (default is $ENV{PERL_PMD_DB} or /var/tmp/dependence/unified.dat)
        -m Optional regular expression - only show dependencies that match this expression
        -n Optional regular expression - do not show dependencies that match this expression
        -s Starts the dependency tree at this script/module
           Default is to start with ALL scripts
           Can be like 'foo,bar' to start with a list of items.
        -r Reverse dependency, i.e. show the things that depend upon
           a package, not the things a package depends upon.
           The default is to show forward dependencies only.
        -b Both ways dependency - show parents and children.
        <filename> The file where you want to send the output.
           Use - for STDOUT.
        NB: If no -f option is supplied we guess the format by looking at the
        filename. If we still can't guess then the default is used - PNG.


        pmd_grapher.plx -t -s Module::Dependency::Info -o ./unified.dat foo.gif


The best way to show and understand dependency relations is using a tree diagram. This program creates a visual dependency tree, going in both directions if required to give parent and/or child relationships.


$Id: pmd_grapher.plx 6643 2006-07-12 20:23:31Z timbo $

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