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Source   Latest Release: Test-WriteVariants-0.009


List of significant changes to Test::WriteVariants

Test::WriteVariants 0.007 - 23rd March 2014

  Add more documentation, including full example.

Test::WriteVariants 0.005 - 19th March 2014

  Removed use of autodie.

Test::WriteVariants 0.004 - 16th March 2014

  Treat undef for env var as meaning 'ensure not in %ENV'.
  Add control of test_prefix plus assorted fixes.
  Restore search_path param to find_input_test_modules().
  Require at least one variant plugin to be found.

Test::WriteVariants 0.001 - 15th March 2014

  Initial release based on prototype in https://github.com/perl5-dbi/DBI-Test
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