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NAME ^ - generate UltraDNS::Methods module by parsing the specification



Parses a plain text version of the UltraDNS Transaction Protocol document (derived from and rewrites the UltraDNS::Methods module with descriptions of the methods and their arguments.

You do not need to run this unless you need to update the code to handle a newer version of the API.

Converting PDF To Text

The NUS_API_XML.txt isn't included in the distribution for copyright reasons. This is the procedure I used to generate the current UltraDNS::Methods module:

 - Open using Preview on Mac OSX
 - Select and copy all the text
 - Paste the text into the TextEdit application
 - Select "Make Plain Text" from the Format menu
 - Save as NUS_API_XML.txt
 - Run NUS_API_XML.txt in the top directory of the distribution

If you use a different method to perform the conversion then it's likely that you'll need to make slight changes to this script.

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