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Tim Jenness > Astro-Catalog-4.25


This Release Astro-Catalog-4.25  [Download] [Browse 12 Oct 2012
Latest Release Astro-Catalog-4.33  [Download] [Browse 07 Feb 2018
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License open_source
Special Files


Astro::Catalog A generic API for stellar catalogues     2.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::ASCII base class for ASCII-based catalogues.     0.03
Astro::Catalog::IO::ASSM AJP ASSM format     0.02
Astro::Catalog::IO::Astrom Starlink Astrom catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::Binary base class for binary catalogues.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::Cluster Input/Output in ARK Cluster format     2.00
Astro::Catalog::IO::FINDOFF Catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog for Starlink FINDOFF.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::FITSTable Binary FITS table I/O for Astro::Catalog.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::GaiaPick Catalogue reader for GAIA Pick Object files     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::JCMT JCMT catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog     0.16
Astro::Catalog::IO::LCOGTFITSTable Binary LCOGT FITS table I/O for Astro::Catalog.     0.05
Astro::Catalog::IO::Northstar NorthStar format catalogue parser     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::RITMatch Catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog for Michael Richmond's 'match' program.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::SExtractor SExtractor output catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog.     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::STL STL catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::Simple Simple Input/Output format     2.00
Astro::Catalog::IO::TST Standard Tab Separated Table format I/O     0.03
Astro::Catalog::IO::UKIRTBS Old format used by UKIRT Bright Star catalogues     0.01
Astro::Catalog::IO::VOTable VOTable Input/Output format     2.00
Astro::Catalog::IO::XY X & Y position I/O for Astro::Catalog     0.01
Astro::Catalog::Item A generic star object in a stellar catalogue.     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Item::Morphology Information about a star's morphology.     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query Base class for Astro::Catalog query objects     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::2MASS A query request to the 2MASS Catalog     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::CMC A query request to the Carlsberg Meridian Catalog     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::GSC A query request to the GSC Catalog     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::MPC A query request to the Minor Planet Center's Minor Planet Checker.     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::SIMBAD A query request to the SIMBAD database     0.01
Astro::Catalog::Query::Sesame Object name resolution via SIMBAD     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::SkyCat Generate SkyCat catalogue query clients     0.02
Astro::Catalog::Query::SuperCOSMOS A query request to the SuperCOSMOS catalogue     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::USNOA2 A query request to the USNO-A2.0 Catalog     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Query::Vizier A query request to the Vizier catalogs     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Star     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Star::Morphology     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Transport::REST A base class for REST query modules     2.00
Astro::Catalog::Transport::WebService A base class for WebService querys     2.00
Tk::AstroCatalog creates a self-standing sources catalog widget     0.13

Other Files