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Tim Jenness > Astro-FITS-HdrTrans-1.54


This Release Astro-FITS-HdrTrans-1.54  [Download] [Browse 13 Jul 2012
Latest Release Astro-FITS-HdrTrans-1.61  [Download] [Browse 09 Feb 2018
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License open_source
Special Files


Astro::FITS::HdrTrans Translate FITS headers to standardised form     1.51
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::ACSIS class for translation of JCMT ACSIS headers     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::Base Base class for header translation     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::CGS4New UKIRT CGS4 translations for "new" style CGS4 headers.     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::CGS4Old UKIRT CGS4 translations for "old" style CGS4 headers.     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::CURVE UKIRT CURVE translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::ClassicCam Magellan ClassicCam translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::ESO Base class for translation of ESO instruments     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::FITS Standard FITS header translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::GEMINI Base class for translation of Gemini instruments     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::GMOS Gemini GMOS translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::INGRID WHT INGRID translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::IRCAM UKIRT IRCAM translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::IRIS2 IRIS-2 Header translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::ISAAC ESO ISAAC translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JAC Base class for translation of Joint Astronomy Centre instruments.     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JCMT class combining common behaviour for mordern JCMT instruments     1.01
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JCMT_GSD JCMT GSD Header translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::JCMT_GSD_DB JCMT GSD Database header translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::LCO Base class for translation of LCO instruments     5661
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::LCOSBIG_0m4 LCO 0.4m SBIG translations     5661
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::LCOSBIG_1m0 LCO 1.0m SBIG translations     5661
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::LCOSBIG_CC LCO Context Camera SBIG translations     5661
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::MICHELLE UKIRT Michelle translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::NACO ESO NACO translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::NIRI Gemini NIRI translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::SCUBA JCMT SCUBA translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::SCUBA2 JCMT SCUBA-2 translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::SOFI ESO SOFI translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::SPEX IRTF SPEX translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UFTI UKIRT UFTI translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UIST UKIRT UIST translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRT Base class for translation of UKIRT instruments     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRTDB UKIRT Database Table translations     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRTNew Base class for translation of new UKIRT instruments     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::UKIRTOld Base class for translation of old UKIRT instruments     1.50
Astro::FITS::HdrTrans::WFCAM UKIRT WFCAM translations     1.50


translatehdr Translate the FITS header from the supplied file