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Trystan Johnson > Farly-0.12


This Release Farly-0.12  [Download] [Browse 19 Jan 2013
Latest Release Farly-0.26  [Download] [Browse 17 Oct 2013
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Farly Firewall Analysis and Rewrite Library     0.12
Farly::ASA::Annotator Turn Token values into objects     0.12
Farly::ASA::Builder A vendor specific concrete builder class     0.12
Farly::ASA::Filter Firewall configuration filter and pre-processor     0.12
Farly::ASA::Generator Create Object::KVC::Hash objects from an AST     0.12
Farly::ASA::ICMPFormatter Associates ICMP type ID's and ICMP type integers     0.12
Farly::ASA::Parser Recognizes pre-processed firewall configurations     0.12
Farly::ASA::PortFormatter Associates port names and port string ID's     0.12
Farly::ASA::ProtocolFormatter Associates protocol ID's and protocol numbers.     0.12
Farly::ASA::Rewriter Rewrite the parse tree into an abstract syntax tree     0.12
Farly::Builder Builder base class     0.12
Farly::Director Manages Builder creation and configuration     0.12
Farly::IPv4::Address IPv4 address class     0.12
Farly::IPv4::ICMPType ICMP type number     0.12
Farly::IPv4::Network IPv4 network class     0.12
Farly::IPv4::Object IPv4 base class     0.12
Farly::IPv4::Range IPv4 range class     0.12
Farly::Optimizer Deprecated - is now Farly::Rule::Optimizer     0.12
Farly::Opts::Search Create a search object from an options hash     0.12
Farly::Remove::Address Remove an address or network     0.12
Farly::Remove::Rule Removes a list of firewall rule entries     0.12
Farly::Rule::Expander Convert a firewall rule configuration into a raw rule set     0.12
Farly::Rule::Optimizer Optimize a raw firewall rule set     0.12
Farly::Rules - Deprecated - is now Farly::Rule::Expander     0.12
Farly::Template::Cisco Converts the Farly firewall model into Cisco format     0.12
Farly::Transport::Object Transport base class     0.12
Farly::Transport::Port TCP or UDP port number class     0.12
Farly::Transport::PortGT TCP or UDP port number 'greater than' class     0.12
Farly::Transport::PortLT TCP or UDP port number 'less than' class     0.12
Farly::Transport::PortRange TCP or UDP port number range     0.12
Farly::Transport::Protocol TCP/IP protocol number     0.12