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Tim Keefer > Gantry-3.64


This Release Gantry-3.64  [Download] [Browse 13 Jan 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Gantry Web application framework for mod_perl, cgi, etc.     3.64
Gantry::Build a Module::Build subclass for Gantry apps      
Gantry::Conf Gantry's Flexible Configuration System      
Gantry::Conf::Provider Base class for all Gantry::Conf providers      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::FlatFile::Config::General Uses Config::General to configure your Gantry application      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::FlatFile::Config::Tiny Uses Config::Tiny to configure your Gantry application      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::HTTP Base class for all Gantry::Conf::Provider::HTTP modules      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::HTTP::Config::General Uses Config::General to configure your Gantry application      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::ParamBuilder Configure via ModPerl::ParamBuilder      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::PerlSetVar Configure via PerlSetVar's in httpd.conf      
Gantry::Conf::Provider::SQL::PostgreSQL Store your configuration in a PostgreSQL database      
Gantry::Control The Core for User Management and Administration      
Gantry::Control::C::Access Authentication by IP      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthenBase Database based authentication      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthenCDBI AuthenBase subclass for normal ORMs      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthenRegular AuthenBase subclass for normal ORMs      
Gantry::Control::C::Authz::PageBasedBase Page based access control.      
Gantry::Control::C::Authz::PageBasedCDBI AuthenBase subclass for CDBI ORMs      
Gantry::Control::C::Authz::PageBasedRegular AuthenBase subclass for normal ORMs      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthzBase Database based authorization.      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthzCDBI Database based authorization for Class::DBI.      
Gantry::Control::C::AuthzRegular Database based authorization for most ORMs.      
Gantry::Control::C::Groups Group management for the Gantry library      
Gantry::Control::C::Pages Page based control adminstration.      
Gantry::Control::C::Users User Management      
Gantry::Control::Model::GEN::auth_group_members model for auth_group_members table      
Gantry::Control::Model::GEN::auth_groups model for auth_groups table      
Gantry::Control::Model::GEN::auth_pages model for auth_pages table      
Gantry::Control::Model::GEN::auth_users model for auth_users table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_group_members model for auth_group_members table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_group_members_cdbi Model Component for auth_group_members table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_groups model for auth_groups table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_groups_cdbi Model Component for the auth_groups table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_pages model for auth_pages table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_pages_cdbi Model Component for the auth_pages table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_users model for auth_users table      
Gantry::Control::Model::auth_users_cdbi Model Component for auth_users Control table      
Gantry::Engine::CGI CGI plugin ( or mixin )      
Gantry::Engine::MP13 mod_perl 1.0 plugin ( or mixin )      
Gantry::Engine::MP20 mod_perl 2.0 plugin ( or mixin )      
Gantry::Exception Structured exceptions for Gantry      
Gantry::Init Gantry install options      
Gantry::Plugins::AjaxCRUD helper for AJAX based CRUD work      
Gantry::Plugins::AjaxFORM helper for AJAX based Form processing      
Gantry::Plugins::AuthCookie Plugin for cookie based authentication      
Gantry::Plugins::AutoCRUD provides CRUD support      
Gantry::Plugins::AutoCRUDHelper::CDBI the actual CRUD for CDBI AutoCRUD      
Gantry::Plugins::AutoCRUDHelper::DBIxClass the actual CRUD for DBIx::Class AutoCRUD      
Gantry::Plugins::CRUD helper for somewhat interesting CRUD work      
Gantry::Plugins::Cache A Plugin for initializing cache processing      
Gantry::Plugins::Cache::FastMmap A Plugin interface to a caching subsystem      
Gantry::Plugins::Cache::Memcached A Plugin interface to a caching subsystem      
Gantry::Plugins::Cache::Storable A Plugin interface to a caching subsystem      
Gantry::Plugins::Calendar Calendar      
Gantry::Plugins::DBIxClassConn DBIx::Class schema accessor mixin      
Gantry::Plugins::PageCache A plugin for caching application pages      
Gantry::Plugins::SOAP::Doc document style SOAP support      
Gantry::Plugins::SOAP::RPC RPC style SOAP support      
Gantry::Plugins::Shibboleth Plugin for shibboleth based authentication      
Gantry::Plugins::Static Static file method      
Gantry::Plugins::Validate Validates input values.      
Gantry::Server HTTP::Server::Simple::CGI subclass providing stand alone server      
Gantry::Stash Main stash object for Gantry      
Gantry::Stash::Controller Stash object for the controller      
Gantry::Stash::View Stash object for the view      
Gantry::Stash::View::Form Stash object for the view's form      
Gantry::State::Default Default state handler for Gantry      
Gantry::State::Exceptions A state machine for Gantry that uses exceptions      
Gantry::State::Simple A simple state machine for Gantry      
Gantry::Template::Default Default text plugin for Gantry.      
Gantry::Template::Framing Framing plugin for Gantry.      
Gantry::Template::TT Template Toolkit plugin for Gantry.      
Gantry::Utils::AuthCDBI Class::DBI base model for Gantry Auth      
Gantry::Utils::CDBI Class::DBI base class for Gantry applications      
Gantry::Utils::CRON a way to call a controller's method from a CRON script      
Gantry::Utils::CRUDHelp helper routines for CRUD plugins      
Gantry::Utils::Captcha a way to mange captchas      
Gantry::Utils::Crypt an easy way to crypt and decrypt      
Gantry::Utils::DB Database wrapper functions, specfic to PostgreSQL      
Gantry::Utils::DBConnHelper connection info and dbh cache manager base module      
Gantry::Utils::DBConnHelper::MP13 connection info and dbh cache manager for mod_perl 1      
Gantry::Utils::DBConnHelper::MP20 connection info and dbh cache manager for mod_perl 2.0      
Gantry::Utils::DBConnHelper::Script connection info and dbh cache manager for scripts      
Gantry::Utils::DBIxClass a DBIx::Class subclass models can inherit from      
Gantry::Utils::FormErrors A CRUD form validation error object      
Gantry::Utils::FormMunger Munges form hashes like the ones bigtop makes.      
Gantry::Utils::HTML HTML tag generators.      
Gantry::Utils::Model a general purpose Object Relational Model base class      
Gantry::Utils::Model::Auth base class for auth database modelers      
Gantry::Utils::Model::Regular base class for database modelers      
Gantry::Utils::ModelHelper mixin for model base classes      
Gantry::Utils::PODViewer PODViewer application      
Gantry::Utils::PerlbalFixup This module will set the client ip      
Gantry::Utils::SQL SQL routines.      
Gantry::Utils::TablePerms enforces retrieve permssions on main listings      
Gantry::Utils::Threeway Form processing util for a three-way join      
Gantry::Utils::Validate Validates input values.      
Template::Plugin::GantryAuthCookie decrypter for AuthCookie plugin      


Gantry::Conf::FAQ Frequently Asked Questions regarding Gantry::Conf  
Gantry::Conf::Tutorial Tutorial on how to use Gantry::Conf  
Gantry::Docs Table of Contents for Gantry documentation  
Gantry::Docs::About A document explaining Gantry's features and history  
Gantry::Docs::Cookbook Gantry How Tos  
Gantry::Docs::DBConn how database connection info flows through Gantry  
Gantry::Docs::FAQ Frequently asked questions and answers about gantry  
Gantry::Docs::QuickStart Getting your first Gantry app up and running  
Gantry::Docs::Tutorial The Gantry Tutorial  
Gantry::Docs::Why What's a framework and why should I want one?  

Other Files