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RPC::Async::URL - Utility functions to handle URLs


    use RPC::Async::URL;

    my $socket1 = url_connect("tcp://");
    my $socket2 = url_connect("open://dir/", "--my-option");
    my ($stdout, $stderr) = url_connect("open2://dir/", "--my-option");
    my ($socket3) = url_connect("unix://mysocket.sock");
    my ($socket4) = url_connect("perl://");



Turns an URL into a socket. Currently supported schemes are: * (tcp|udp)://HOST:PORT, Returns a udp of tcp socket. * (unix|unix_dgram)://path/file.sock, Returns a unix domain socket connection. * (perl|perlroot|perl2|perlroot2)(header)?://path/, Starts a new perl and loads a default header unless it ends in header, then first argument is used as header. It also connects a socket between the two and returns that. Urls with 2 in the end also returns $pid, stdout and stderr. Urls with root in them does not drop root privilages after starting the process the others will. * open2://file, run file and return stdout, stderr and the $pid.

url_absolute($cwd, @urls)

Make urls paths absolute, by adding $cwd to all urls.

url_disconnect($cwd, @urls)

Wait for url to disconnect

url_explode($cwd, @urls)

Explode URL components into smaller bits, only supports tcp and udp.

url_listen($cwd, @urls)

Same as connect, just returns a listening socket instead. Only tcp://, udp:// and unix:// supported.


Jonas Jensen <>, Troels Liebe Bentsen <>


Copyright(C) 2005-2007 Troels Liebe Bentsen

Copyright(C) 2005-2007 Jonas Jensen

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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