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Thiago Luiz Araujo Miller > App-SimulateReads-0.05


This Release App-SimulateReads-0.05  [Download] [Browse 02 Oct 2017
Latest Release App-SimulateReads-0.16  [Download] [Browse 15 Apr 2018
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


App::SimulateReads App builder that simulates single-end and paired-end reads.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Base Policy and base module to App::SimulateReads project.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::CLI Base class for command line interface.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::CLI::App App::SimulateReads::CLI subclass for command line application interface.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::CLI::Command App::SimulateReads::CLI subclass for commands interface     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Command::Digest digest command class. Simulate single-end and paired-end reads.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Command::QualityDB qualitydb command class. Manage quality profile database.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Command::QualityDB::Add qualitydb subcommand class. Add a quality profile to the database.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Command::QualityDB::Remove qualitydb subcommand class. Remove a quality profile from database.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Command::QualityDB::Restore qualitydb subcommand class. Restore database.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Fastq Base class to simulate fastq entries     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Fastq::PairedEnd App::SimulateReads::Fastq subclass for simulate paired-end fastq entries.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Fastq::SingleEnd App::SimulateReads::Fastq subclass for simulate single-end fastq entries.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::InterlaceProcesses Interlaces the processe id for differents processes, actually for parent, child processes.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Quality Class to simulate quality entries     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Quality::Handle Class to handle database schemas.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Read Base class to simulate reads     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Read::PairedEnd App::SimulateReads::Read subclass for simulate paired-end reads.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Read::SingleEnd App::SimulateReads::Read subclass for simulate single-end reads.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Role::IO Input and output custom wrappers.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Role::ParseArgv Getopt::Long wrapper.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Role::WeightedRaffle Extends class with weighted raffle.     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Simulator Class responsible to make the simulation     0.05
App::SimulateReads::Types Moose type constraints for App::SimulateReads project     0.05


simulate_reads Creates single-end and paired-end fastq reads for transcriptome and genome simulation.  

Other Files