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Source   Latest Release: UAV-Pilot-0.9


    uav \
        --ip \
        -L /path/to/libraries
        -l ARDrone


Launches a shell for controlling a UAV. Perl statements may be typed at the prompt, ending with a semi-colon. With the Parrot AR.Drone, try:

    uav> takeoff;
    uav> pitch -0.5;
    uav> wave;
    uav> land;



Host IP to connect to. Out of the box, the Parrot AR.Drone will be its own wireless access point on IP (which is the default here).

-L or --library

Path to library modules. May be specified multiple times. By default, this will be the dist shared dir returned by File::ShareDir for UAV::Pilot.

-l or --load

Library to load. May be specified multiple times. It will need to be under one of the directories specified by the --library option (or the default library path).

-e or --event

Use the event interface for controlling the UAV. This is the default.

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