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Source   Latest Release: Net-Ident-1.24
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INSTALL installation instructions  [pod] the module itself, contains pod
MANIFEST this file
Makefile.PL feed to perl to get a makefile
README extract of the manpage, gives a brief overview
t/0use.t script to test "use Net::Ident"
t/Ident.t test script that actually makes ident lookups
t/apache.t script to test Net::Ident within apache and mod_perl
t/compat.t script to test compatibility-mode FH->ident_lookup
t/hosts Hosts to use for testing purposes
t/apache/conf/ prototype httpd.conf for test apache
t/apache/conf/ prototype access.conf
t/apache/conf/ prototype for apache settings
t/apache/conf/ prototype srm.conf
t/apache/conf/mime.types bare-bones mime.types
t/apache/html/testapache.txt simple .txt file to test basic apache ops
t/apache/perl/testmodperl script to test mod_perl operates OK
t/apache/perl/testident script to actually test ident within mod_perl
t/apache/logs/.exists Directory for the logfiles