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Alex Tokarev > CGI-Test-1.111


This Release CGI-Test-1.111  [Download] [Browse 03 Feb 2016
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License The Artistic License 1.0
Special Files


CGI::Test CGI regression test framework     1.111
CGI::Test::Form Querying interface to CGI form widgets      
CGI::Test::Form::Group Records groups of box-type widgets      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget Ancestor of all form widget classes      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box Abstract representation of a tickable box      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Check A checkbox widget      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Box::Radio A radio button widget      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button Abstract representation of a button      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Image A nice submit button      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Plain A button with client-side processing      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Reset A reset button      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Button::Submit A submit button      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Hidden A hidden field      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input Abstract representation of an input field      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::File A file upload control      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Password A password field      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Area A text area      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Input::Text_Field A text field      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu Abstract representation of a menu      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::List A scrolling list menu      
CGI::Test::Form::Widget::Menu::Popup A popup menu      
CGI::Test::Input Abstract representation of POST input      
CGI::Test::Input::Multipart POST input encoded as multipart/form-data      
CGI::Test::Input::URL POST input encoded as application/x-www-form-urlencoded      
CGI::Test::Page Abstract represention of an HTTP reply content      
CGI::Test::Page::Error An HTTP error page      
CGI::Test::Page::HTML A HTML page reply      
CGI::Test::Page::Other A real page, but neither text nor HTML      
CGI::Test::Page::Real Abstract representation of a real page      
CGI::Test::Page::Text A text page reply