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Tony Cook > Imager-1.000


This Release Imager-1.000  [Download] [Browse 29 Jul 2014
Latest Release Imager-1.006  [Download] [Browse 25 Aug 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Imager Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images     1.000
Imager::Color Color handling for Imager.     1.011
Imager::Color::Float Rough floating point sample color handling     1.005
Imager::Color::Table built-in Imager color table     1.003
Imager::CountColor demonstrates writing a simple function using Imager.     0.02
Imager::Expr implements expression parsing and compilation for the expression evaluation engine used by Imager::transform2()     1.006
Imager::Expr::Assem an assembler for producing code for the Imager register machine     1.003
Imager::ExtUtils functions handy in writing Imager extensions     1.002
Imager::File::ICO read MS Icon files     0.03
Imager::File::SGI     0.03
Imager::Fill general fill types     1.012
Imager::Filter::DynTest     0.02
Imager::Filter::Flines dim alternate lines to emulate a video display     0.03
Imager::Filter::Mandelbrot filter that renders the Mandelbrot set.     0.04
Imager::Font Font handling for Imager.     1.038
Imager::Font::BBox objects representing the bounding box of a string.     1.006
Imager::Font::FreeType2 low-level functions for FreeType2 text output     1.020
Imager::Font::Test font driver producing consistent output for tests.     1.0001
Imager::Font::Truetype low-level functions for Truetype fonts     1.012
Imager::Font::Type1 low-level functions for T1Lib text output     1.012
Imager::Font::Wrap simple wrapped text output     1.004
Imager::Fountain a class for building fountain fills suitable for use by the fountain filter.     1.007
Imager::Matrix2d simple wrapper for matrix construction     1.011
Imager::Preprocess simple preprocessor for handling multiple sample sizes     1.001
Imager::Probe hot needle of inquiry for libraries     1.003
Imager::Regops generated information about the register based virtual machine      
Imager::Test common functions used in testing Imager     1.003
Imager::Transform a library of register machine image transformations     1.006


Imager::API Imager's C API - introduction.  
Imager::APIRef Imager's C API - reference.  
Imager::Cookbook recipes working with Imager  
Imager::Draw Draw primitives to images  
Imager::Engines Programmable transformation operations  
Imager::Files working with image files  
Imager::Filters Entire Image Filtering Operations  
Imager::Handy simple access to common functions  
Imager::IO Imager's io_layer object.  
Imager::ImageTypes image models for Imager  
Imager::Inline using Imager with Inline::C.  
Imager::Install installation notes for Imager  
Imager::LargeSamples track/document large sample support  
Imager::Security brief notes on security and image processing  
Imager::Threads Imager and threads  
Imager::Transformations Simple transformations of one image into another.  
Imager::Tutorial an introduction to Imager.  
Imager::interface.pod describes the C level virtual image interface  
Imager::regmach documents the register virtual machine used by Imager::transform2(). demo of the Imager align_string() method create a anaglyph from the source images  
bigtest.perl tests combinations of libraries usable by Imager sample to add borders to an image combining channels into an image image conversions implements filters that operate on images produces a slowly flashing GIF based on an input image demonstrates adjusting tags when scaling a GIF image convert captured BGR data to any Imager supported format replace one color with another in an image, using Inline given two identically sized images create an image twice the height with interleaved rows from the source images. transform an arbitrary quadrilateral to a square.  
replace_color replace one color with another in an image implements image rotations  
samp-form.cgi demonstrates interaction of HTML generation with image generation  
samp-image.cgi demonstrates interaction of HTML generation with image generation  
samp-scale.cgi sample CGI that takes an uploaded image to make a new image using Imager  
samp-tags.cgi sample CGI that takes an uploaded image to produce a report sample for drawing transformed text display an Imager image under Tk wiggle stereoscopy  

Other Files