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Source   Latest Release: Net-NfDump-1.25


  first => Timestamp of the first packet seen (in miliseconds)
  last => Timestamp of the last packet seen (in miliseconds)
  received => Timestamp regarding when the packet was received by collector
  bytes => The number of bytes
  pkts => The number of packets
  outbytes => The number of output bytes
  outpkts => The number of output packets
  flows => The number of flows (aggregated)
  srcport => Source port
  dstport => Destination port
  tcpflags => TCP flags
  srcip => Source IP address
  dstip => Destination IP address
  nexthop => IP next hop
  srcmask => Source mask
  dstmask => Destination mask
  tos => Source type of service
  dsttos => Destination type of service
  srcas => Source AS number
  dstas => Destination AS number
  nextas => BGP Next AS
  prevas => BGP Previous AS
  bgpnexthop => BGP next hop
  proto => IP protocol
  srcvlan => Source vlan label
  dstvlan => Destination vlan label
  insrcmac => In source MAC address
  outsrcmac => Out destination MAC address
  indstmac => In destination MAC address
  outdstmac => Out source MAC address
  mpls => MPLS labels
  inif => SNMP input interface number
  outif => SNMP output interface number
  dir => Flow directions ingress/egress
  fwd => Forwarding status
  router => Exporting router IP
  systype => Type of exporter
  eventtime => NSEL The time that the flow was created
  connid => NSEL An identifier of a unique flow for the device
  icmpcode => NSEL ICMP code value
  icmptype => NSEL ICMP type value
  xevent => NSEL Extended event code
  xsrcip => NSEL Mapped source IPv4 address
  sysid => Internal SysID of exporter
  xdstip => NSEL Mapped destination IPv4 address
  xsrcport => NSEL Mapped source port
  xdstport => NSEL Mapped destination port
  iacl => Hash value or ID of the ACL name
  iace => Hash value or ID of the ACL name
  ixace => Hash value or ID of an extended ACE configuration
  eacl => Hash value or ID of the ACL name
  eace => Hash value or ID of the ACL name
  exace => Hash value or ID of an extended ACE configuration
  username => NSEL username
  ingressvrfid => NEL NAT ingress vrf id
  eventflag => NAT event flag (always set to 1 by nfdump)
  egressvrfid => NAT egress VRF ID
  blockstart => NAT pool block start
  blockend => NAT pool block end
  blockstep => NAT pool block step
  blocksize => NAT pool block size
  cl => nprobe latency client_nw_delay_usec
  sl => nprobe latency server_nw_delay_usec
  al => nprobe latency appl_latency_usec
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