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Parse::MediaWikiDump::page - Object representing a specific revision of a MediaWiki page


This object is returned from the "next" method of Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages and Parse::MediaWikiDump::Revisions. You most likely will not be creating instances of this particular object yourself instead you use this object to access the information about a page in a MediaWiki instance.


  $pages = Parse::MediaWikiDump::Pages->new('pages-articles.xml');
  #get all the records from the dump files, one record at a time
  while(defined($page = $pages->next)) {
    print "title '", $page->title, "' id ", $page->id, "\n";


This software is being RETIRED - MediaWiki::DumpFile is the official successor to Parse::MediaWikiDump and includes a compatibility library called MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat that is 100% API compatible and is a near perfect standin for this module. It is faster in all instances where it counts and is actively maintained. Any undocumented deviation of MediaWiki::DumpFile::Compat from Parse::MediaWikiDump is considered a bug and will be fixed.



Returns an empty string (such as '') for the main namespace or a string containing the name of the namespace.


Returns a reference to an array that contains a list of categories or undef if there are no categories. This method does not understand templates and may not return all the categories the article actually belongs in.


Returns a string of the full article title including the namespace if present


Returns a string of the namespace of the article or an empty string if the article is in the default namespace


Returns a number that is the id for the page in the MediaWiki instance


Returns a number that is the revision id for the page in the MediaWiki instance


Returns a string in the following format: 2005-07-09T18:41:10Z


Returns a string of the username responsible for this specific revision of the article or undef if the editor was anonymous


Returns a number that is the id for the user returned by $page->username or undef if the editor was anonymous


Returns a string of the IP of the editor if the edit was anonymous or undef otherwise


Returns 1 if this article was flaged as a minor edit otherwise returns 0


Returns a reference to a string that contains the article title text

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