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Module Version: 0.94   Source   Latest Release: LWP-UserAgent-Paranoid-0.97


LWP::UserAgent::Paranoid - A modern LWPx::ParanoidAgent for safer requests


    use LWP::UserAgent::Paranoid;
    my $ua = LWP::UserAgent::Paranoid->new(
        request_timeout => 5   # seconds; may be fractional

    # use $ua as a normal LWP::UserAgent...
    my $response = $ua->get("");


This module is a more modern LWPx::ParanoidAgent with cleaner internals and a very similar feature set. It is a not a drop-in replacement, however, since the API differs.

The primary features provided by this module:

Overall request timeout

A configurable timeout from start to finish of a "logical" request made by calling one of LWP::UserAgent's request methods. It encompasses all followed redirects to ensure that you can't be tarpitted by a series of stalling redirects. The default is 5 seconds.

Blocked private hosts and IP address ranges

All new agents are automatically made paranoid of private hostnames and IP address ranges using LWPx::ParanoidHandler. You may access the Net::DNS::Paranoid resolver via the "resolver" method in order to customize the blocked or whitelisted hosts.


You may also wish to tune standard LWP::UserAgent parameters for greater paranoria depending on your requirements:

Maximum number of redirects

Although generally unnecessary given the request timeout, you can tune "max_redirects" in LWP::UserAgent down from the default of 7.

Protocols/URI schemes allowed

If you don't want to allow requests for schemes other than http and https, you may use "protocols_allowed" in LWP::UserAgent either as a method or as an option to new.

    $ua->protocols_allowed(["http", "https"]);

WHY NOT LWPx::ParanoidAgent? ^

LWPx::ParanoidAgent's implemention involves a 2009-era fork of LWP's http and https protocol handlers, and it is no longer maintained. A more maintainable approach is taken by this module and LWPx::ParanoidHandler.


All methods from LWP::UserAgent are available via inheritence. In addition, the following methods are available:


Gets/sets the timeout which encapsulates each logical request, including any redirects which are followed. The default is 5 seconds. Fractional seconds are OK.


Gets/sets the DNS resolver which is used to block private hosts. There is little need to set your own but if you do it should be an Net::DNS::Paranoid object.

Use the blocking and whitelisting methods on the resolver to customize the behaviour.


The overall request timeout is implemented using SIGALRM. Any $SIG{ALRM} handler from an outer scope is replaced in the scope of LWP::UserAgent::Paranoid requests.


All bugs should be reported via or


Thomas Sibley <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2013 by Best Practical Solutions

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991
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