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Thomas Wittek > Konstrukt-0.5-beta13


This Release Konstrukt-0.5-beta13  [Download] [Browse 13 Dec 2007
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Konstrukt Web application/design framework     0.5
Konstrukt::Attributes Sub attribute handling      
Konstrukt::Cache Caching functionalities      
Konstrukt::DBI Database handle pool      
Konstrukt::Debug Debug and error message handling      
Konstrukt::Event Event management      
Konstrukt::File Comfortable handling of files, file names and paths      
Konstrukt::Handler Base class for handlers that control the processing of the requests      
Konstrukt::Handler::Apache Handler for an Apache request      
Konstrukt::Handler::CGI Handler for the processing of a given filename      
Konstrukt::Handler::File Handler for the processing of a given filename      
Konstrukt::Lib Common function library      
Konstrukt::Parser Parser for the tag syntax      
Konstrukt::Parser::Node A node in the parse tree      
Konstrukt::Plugin Base class for the Konstrukt plugins.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::blog Konstrukt blogging engine      
Konstrukt::Plugin::blog::DBI Konstrukt blogging DBI backend      
Konstrukt::Plugin::bookmarks Bookmark management for registered users      
Konstrukt::Plugin::bookmarks::DBI Konstrukt bookmarks DBI backend driver      
Konstrukt::Plugin::browserstats Browser statistics plugin      
Konstrukt::Plugin::browserstats::DBI Browser statistics. DBI backend      
Konstrukt::Plugin::calendar Management of private and public calendar items      
Konstrukt::Plugin::calendar::DBI Konstrukt calendar. Backend Driver for the Perl-DBI.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::captcha Put captchas in your forms easily.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::captcha::text Implementation for text captchas.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::date Displays the current date      
Konstrukt::Plugin::diff Print out an XHTML table with the difference between two texts      
Konstrukt::Plugin::env Access to the environment variables      
Konstrukt::Plugin::errors Display the error messages that occured during the page processing      
Konstrukt::Plugin::formvalidator HTML form validator      
Konstrukt::Plugin::guestbook Konstrukt guestbook      
Konstrukt::Plugin::guestbook::DBI Konstrukt guestbook. Backend Driver for the Perl-DBI.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::hitstats Hit statistics plugin      
Konstrukt::Plugin::hitstats::DBI Konstrukt page hit logging. DBI backend      
Konstrukt::Plugin::if Conditional blocks      
Konstrukt::Plugin::kill Remove content from a website      
Konstrukt::Plugin::log Konstrukt logging facilities.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::log::DBI Konstrukt logging. DBI backend      
Konstrukt::Plugin::mail::obfuscator Hide email addresses from SPAM harvesters.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::param Displays the value of a specified HTTP parameter      
Konstrukt::Plugin::perl Embedding perl code in your pages/templates      
Konstrukt::Plugin::perlvar Access to Perl variables      
Konstrukt::Plugin::sortlines Sort all lines of plaintext nodes      
Konstrukt::Plugin::sql Perform SQL queries. Usually combined with templates to display the results.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::svar Access to session values      
Konstrukt::Plugin::tags Tagging plugin      
Konstrukt::Plugin::tags::DBI Tagging DBI backend      
Konstrukt::Plugin::template Konstrukt templating engine      
Konstrukt::Plugin::upcase Convert all text into upper case      
Konstrukt::Plugin::uriencode URI-encode the text      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement User management. Extensible with plugins.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::basic Basic user management.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::basic::DBI Konstrukt basic userdata. DBI Backend Driver      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::level Information about the users (admin) level.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::level::DBI Konstrukt level userdata. DBI Backend Driver      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::personal Personal information about the user.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::usermanagement::personal::DBI Konstrukt personal userdata. DBI Backend Driver      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki Plugin to convert wiki markup and manage wiki content      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend Base class for wiki backends      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::article Base class for article backends      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::article::DBI Article backend driver for storage inside a database that can be accessed through DBI.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::file Base class for file backends      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::file::DBI File backend driver for storage inside a database that can be accessed through DBI.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::image Base class for image backends      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::backend::image::DBI Image backend driver for storage inside a database that can be accessed through DBI.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::acronym Inline plugin to handle acronyms      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::basic Inline plugin to handle basic markup      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::basic_string Inline plugin to handle basic markup (without templates)      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::blockplugin Base class for wiki block plugins      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::definition Block plugin to handle definition lists      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::headline Block plugin to handle headlines      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::hr Block plugin to handle horizontal rules      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::htmlescape Inline plugin to escape HTML markup      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::inlineplugin Base class for wiki inline plugins      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link Inline plugin to handle links      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link::article Plugin to handle wiki article links      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link::external Plugin to handle external links      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link::file Plugin to handle links to internal files.      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link::image Plugin to handle (internal and external) images      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::link::nolink Plugin to handle !NoLinks      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::linkplugin Base class for plugins to handle links      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::list Block plugin to handle ordered and unoderered lists      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::list_template Block plugin to handle ordered and unoderered lists (using templates)      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::paragraph Block plugin to handle paragraphs      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::pre Block plugin to handle code/preformatted sections      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::quote Block plugin to handle quotes      
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::markup::replace Inline plugin to handle simple replacements      
Konstrukt::PrintRedirector Catches the print statements and fires an event on each print.      
Konstrukt::Request Class for everything related to the page request      
Konstrukt::Response Class for everything related to the generated response      
Konstrukt::Session Session management (Cookies/Session)      
Konstrukt::Settings Settings management      
Konstrukt::SimplePlugin Base class for simple Konstrukt plugins.      
Konstrukt::TagHandler Base class for the tag handlers.      
Konstrukt::TagHandler::Plugin Plugin handler of the Konstrukt framework      


Konstrukt::Doc Documentation of the Konstrukt framework  
Konstrukt::Doc::About About the Konstrukt framework and its design  
Konstrukt::Doc::ApplicationPlugins Use existing application plugins to integrate complex functionality into your website in an instant  
Konstrukt::Doc::Basics General website organization and tag syntax  
Konstrukt::Doc::CoreDevelopment Hacking on the Konstrukt core  
Konstrukt::Doc::CreatingPlugins Create your own plugins  
Konstrukt::Doc::FunctionPlugins Using plugins to add dynamics to your web page  
Konstrukt::Doc::Installation Installation and configuration  
Konstrukt::Doc::PluginList Complete list of the plugins that are shipped with this package.  
Konstrukt::Doc::Templating Using templating to create static web sites  
Konstrukt::Doc::Tutorial::Plugin::Note::Actions 1) Create a simple note taking plugin performing different actions  
Konstrukt::Doc::Tutorial::Plugin::Note::DBI 3) Using Perl DBI to store your data in a database  
Konstrukt::Doc::Tutorial::Plugin::Note::Template 2) Using templates for the presentation  
Konstrukt::Doc::Tutorial::Plugin::Randomline Create a really simple plugin putting out a random line  
Konstrukt::Doc::Tutorial::Usage::Blog Using the blog plugin to create a blog  
Konstrukt::Plugin::wiki::syntax Overview of the Syntax of the wiki plugin. For more details, take a look at the documentation of each markup plugin.  

Other Files