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Distribution Released
AnyEvent-Ping-0.011 ping hosts with AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2015
Business-Bitpay-0.05 Bitpay API [Download] [Browse] 10 Apr 2014
Data-YADV-0.001 Yet Another Data Validator [Download] [Browse] 19 Oct 2012
JLogger-1.001 jabber messages logger [Download] [Browse] 19 Sep 2011
Mojolicious-Command-generate-lexicon-0.995 Generate Lexicon Command [Download] [Browse] 31 Aug 2015
MojoX-Ping-0.511 asynchronous ping with L<Mojolicious> (DEPRECATED). [Download] [Browse] 10 Feb 2012
MojoX-Redis-0.88 asynchronous Redis client for L<Mojolicious>. [Download] [Browse] 23 Mar 2015
Nginx-Runner-0.001 run nginx proxy server [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2012
Protocol-Redis-1.0004 Redis protocol parser/encoder with asynchronous capabilities. [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2015
SMS-API-SMSC-0.001 send SMS with smsc.ru [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2012
Twiggy-TLS-0.0019 Twiggy server with TLS support. [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2013