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Copyright (C) 2008 by Nik Ogura. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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        use CGI::Lazy;

        my $q = CGI::Lazy->new({

                        tmplDir         => '/templates',

                        jsDir           => '/js',

                        cssDir          => '/css',

                        imgDir          => '/css',

                        buildDir        => '/tmp',

                        plugins         => {

                                        dbh     => {

                                                dbDatasource    => 'dbi:mysql:somedb:localhost',

                                                dbUser          => 'luser',

                                                dbPasswd        => 's3cr3t',

                                                dbArgs          => {RaiseError  => 1},


                                        session => {

                                                sessionTable    => 'session',

                                                sessionCookie   => 'frobnitz',

                                                saveOnDestroy   => 1,

                                                expires         => '+15m',


                                        authn   => {

                                                table           => 'user',

                                                primarykey      => 'user_id',

                                                template        => 'login.tmpl',

                                                salt            => '234998fhgsldkj#$^',

                                                userField       => 'username',

                                                passwdField     => 'password',

                                                activeField     => 'active',

                                                extraFields     => {

                                                        country => country,




        return unless $q->authn->check;


CGI::Lazy Authentication module. Draws much of its inspiration from CGI::Auth. Put the $q->authn->check call in your CGI, if theres a current authenticated session, it will return true. If not, it will print the login template specified and return false.

The intended minimum database structure is as follows:

        create table user (user_id int(10) unsigned not null auto_increment primary key, username varchar(50), password(varchar(25), active bool);  #mysql


Required Arguments:

        table           => 'table_name',                #name of user table     

        primarykey      => 'field_name',                #name of primary key field on above table.

        template        => 'login.tmpl',                #name of template for logins

        salt            => 'asdf9234ml@#4234',          #unique identifying string for this application.  Passwords are stored as md5 hashes of $username.$passwd.$salt .

        userField       => 'username',                  #name of username field.  Defaults to 'username'

        passwdField     => 'password',                  #name of password field.  Defaults to 'password' needs to be varchar and at least 22 characters wide.

        activeField     => 'active',                    #name of field that flags a user as active.  Defaults to 'active'. Assumes '1' means active. 

Optional Arguments:

        extraFields     => {                            #any other fields you want to authenticate on.  If set, will authenticate on username, passwd, and every other field set here.

                webname         => fieldname,           #first value is the name of the web control, second is the name of the field in the db

                webname2        => fieldname2,




Call this in your cgi to check if an authenticated session is present. Returns 1 if session is valid, and authenticated. Returns 0 otherwise; If authentication fails, prints the login template.

passwdhash (username, password)

Takes username, password, and salt from config and generates hashed value for storage in the db.


The username


The cleartext password.

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