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NAME ^ - Utilities and methods for the Grid::Request modules.



This method provides several functions and methods that are useful to the Grid modules.

Class and object methods


Description: This is the object contructor. A hash with arguments may be passed.

Parameters: %arg.

Returns: $self, a blessed hash reference.


Description: _init in this class is an abstract method and is not implemented. In fact, it will die with an error message if you somehow call this method in this class.

Parameters: None.

Returns: None.


Description: The debug method allows the user to set or get the debug level. If an optional argument is sent, it will be used to set the debug level. The default level is "error". When passing a string debug level, case is ignored.

Parameters: Optional integer argument to set debug level. The debug level can be either numeric or a string as follows:

    Name     Code
    ----     ----
    DEBUG       5
    INFO        4
    WARN        3
    ERROR       2
    FATAL       1

Returns: The current debug level in numeric form.


If the user sets the GRID_CONFIG environment variable, it will be interpreted as the path to an alternate configuration file that will override the default.


Description of known bugs (and any workarounds). Usually also includes an invitation to send the author bug reports.

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