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Source   Latest Release: Crypt-RSA-1.99


Crypt::RSA::DataFormat - Data creation, conversion and reporting primitives.


This module implements several data creation, conversion and reporting primitives used throughout the Crypt::RSA implementation. Primitives are available as exportable functions.


i2osp Integer, Length

Integer To Octet String Primitive. Converts an integer into its equivalent octet string representative of length Length. If necessary, the resulting string is prefixed with nulls.

os2ip String

Octet String to Integer Primitive. Converts an octet string into its equivalent integer representative.

generate_random_octet Length, Strength

Generates a random octet string of length Length. Strength specifies the degree of randomness. See Crypt::Random(3) for an explanation of the Strength parameter.

bitsize Integer

Returns the length of the Integer in bits.

octet_len Integer

Returns the octet length of the integer. If the length is not a whole number, the fractional part is dropped to make it whole.

octet_xor String1, String2

Returns the result of String1 XOR String2.

steak String, Length

Returns an array of segments of length Length from String. The final segment can be smaller than Length.


Vipul Ved Prakash, <>

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