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Jakob Voß > App-PAIA-0.23


This Release App-PAIA-0.23  [Download] [Browse 21 Nov 2013
Latest Release App-PAIA-0.30  [Download] [Browse 28 Apr 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::PAIA Patrons Account Information API command line client     0.23
App::PAIA::Agent HTTP client wrapper     0.23
App::PAIA::Command common base class of PAIA client commands     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::cancel cancel requests     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::change change login password     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::config show or modify configuration     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::fees list fees     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::help show help     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::items list loans, reservations and other items related to a patron     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::login get a access token and patron identifier     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::logout invalidate an access token     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::patron get general patron information     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::renew Renew one or more documents held by a patron     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::request request one or more items for reservation or delivery     0.23
App::PAIA::Command::session show current session status     0.23
App::PAIA::File Utility class to read and write JSON files     0.23
App::PAIA::JSON Utility functions to encode/decode JSON     0.23
App::PAIA::Tester Facilitate PAIA client unit tests     0.23


paia Patrons Account Information API command line client