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Jakob Voß > PICA-Record-0.583


This Release PICA-Record-0.583  [Download] [Browse 10 Apr 2012
Latest Release PICA-Record-0.585  [Download] [Browse 16 Jan 2014
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Special Files


PICA::Field Perl extension for handling PICA+ fields     0.55
PICA::Parser Parse PICA+ data     0.50
PICA::PlainParser Parse normalized PICA+     0.52
PICA::Record Perl extension for handling PICA+ records     0.583
PICA::SOAPClient PICA::Store via SOAP access (aka 'webcat')     0.46
PICA::SOAPServer provide a SOAP interface to a PICA::Store     0.1
PICA::SQLiteStore Store PICA::Records in a SQLite database with versioning     0.21
PICA::SRUSearchParser Parse a SRU response in XML and extract PICA+ records.     0.49
PICA::Source Data source that can be queried for PICA+ records     0.53
PICA::Store CRUD interface to a PICA::Record storage     0.49
PICA::Writer Write and count PICA+ records and fields     0.55
PICA::XMLParser Parse PICA+ XML     0.52


parsepica fetch, parse and transform PICA+ data  
picaimport Import or delete PICA+ records in a PICA::Store  
winibw2pica convert WinIBW PICA+ download to valid PICA+