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Module Version: 0.71   Source  


SeeAlso::Source - Provides OpenSearch Suggestions reponses


version 0.71


  $source = SeeAlso::Source->new;
  $source = SeeAlso::Source->new( sub { ... } );
  $source = SeeAlso::Source->new( callback => sub { ... } );
  $source->description( "ShortName" => "My source" ... );
  $response = $source->query( $identifier );

new ( [ $callback ] [ $cache ] [ %parameters ] )

Create a new source. If the first parameter is a code reference or another SeeAlso::Source parameter, it is used as callback parameter. If the first or second parameter is a Cache object, it is used as cache parameter.


Cache or SeeAlso::DBI object to be used as cache.


Configuration settings as hash reference or as configuration file that will be read into a hash reference. Afterwarrds the The Source section of the configuration is added to the other parameters (existing parameters are not overridden).

other parameters

Are passed to the description method.

callback ( [ $code | $source | undef ] )

Get or set a callback method or callback source.

cache ( [ $cache | undef ] )

Get or set a cache for this source. The parameter must be a Cache object, a SeeAlso::Source object or undef. Undef disables caching and is the default. Returns the cache object or undef.

query ( $identifier [, force => 1 ] )

Given an identifier (either a SeeAlso::Identifier object or just a plain string) returns a SeeAlso::Response object by calling the query callback method or fetching the response from the cache unless the $force parameter is specified.

query_callback ( $identifier )

Internal core method that maps a SeeAlso::Identifier to a SeeAlso::Response. Clients should not call this metod but the 'query' method that includes type-checking and caching. Subclasses should overwrite this method instead of the 'query' method.

description ( [ $key ] | $key => $value, $key => $value, ... )

Returns additional description about this source in a hash (no key provided) or a specific element of the description. The elements are defined according to elements in an OpenSearch description document. Up to now they are:


A short name with up to 16 characters.


A long name with up to 48 characters.


A description with up to 1024 characters.


URL of the script. Will be set automatically via CGI if not defined.


Qualified Dublin Core element Date.Modified.


Source of the data (dc:source)


An example query (a hash of 'id' and optional 'response').

about ( )

Return ShortName, Description, and BaseURL from the description of this Source. Undefined fields are returned as empty string.

serve ( [ $query | $source ] [ $config ] )

Serve a SeeAlso request via SeeAlso::Server::query and exit. This method can also be exported and used as function.


load_config ( $filename )

Load a configuration file (relaxed JSON format) and return a hash reference. On error the hash reference is empty.

expand_from_config ( $hashref, $section )

Expand a hash with config parameters from another hash or from a configuration file. This function can read INI files (if Config::IniFiles is installed), YAML files (if YAML::Any is installed), and JSON files.


Jakob Voss


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Jakob Voss.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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