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This Release ObjectDB-0.990103  [Download] [Browse 21 Feb 2010
Latest Release ObjectDB-3.10  [Download] [Browse 28 Apr 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


ObjectDB Lightweight Object-relational mapper     0.990103
ObjectDB::Cookbook Cooking with ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship Relationships for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship::Base A base class for ObjectDB relationships      
ObjectDB::Relationship::ManyToMany many to many relationship for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship::ManyToOne many to one relationship for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship::OneToMany one to many relationship for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship::OneToOne one to one relationship for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Relationship::Proxy proxy relationship for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL SQL factory for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL::Base a base sql generator class for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL::Delete SQL delete for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL::Insert SQL insert for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL::Select SQL select for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::SQL::Update SQL update for ObjectDB      
ObjectDB::Schema Schema class