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Source   Latest Release: Finance-Bank-IE-0.30
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
lib/Finance/Bank/IE/  [pod] Bank of Ireland support
lib/Finance/Bank/IE/  [pod] MBNA support
lib/Finance/Bank/IE/  [pod] Permanent TSB support
lib/Finance/Bank/  [pod] Superclass holding WWW::Mech object Sample code
t/lib/Test/ Utilities to support testing
t/MBNA.t Tests for
t/PTSB.t Tests for
t/BankOfIreland.t Tests for
t/pod.t Tests for documentation
t/separation.t Tests for class separation
t/scrubbing.t Tests for page scrubbing
t/IE.t Tests for superclass
t/lib/Test/MockBank/ Mock version of BoI website
t/lib/Test/MockBank/ Mock version of MBNA website
t/lib/Test/MockBank/ Mock version of PTSB website
t/lib/Test/ Superclass of mock websites
data/pii.txt Empty file, fodder for scrubbing.t
# Data files to support offline testing
data/PTSB/unscrubbed Permanent TSB unscrubbed page
data/PTSB/Account.aspx Permanent TSB account summary page
data/PTSB/DoLogOff.aspx Permanent TSB logged out page
data/PTSB/Login2.aspx Permanent TSB PIN entry page
data/PTSB/Incorrect1.aspx Permanent TSB missing credentials page
data/PTSB/StateMini.aspx?ref=0 Permanent TSB mini statement page
data/PTSB/login.aspx?ref5 Permanent TSB login page
data/MBNA/index.html MBNA home page
data/MBNA/WelcomeScreen?country=uk&language=en&org=1 MBNA login p1
data/MBNA/LoginProcess MBNA login p2
data/MBNA/RegisteredAccountsScreen?login=true MBNA successful login
data/MBNA/AccountSnapshotScreen?acctID=PMMQNI MBNA account 1 detail
data/MBNA/AccountSnapshotScreen?acctID=YTNCZD MBNA account 2 detail
# Bank of Ireland test files
data/BankOfIreland/accountSummary?execution=e2s1 BoI account summary page
data/BankOfIreland/authentication?execution=e1s1 BoI Login 1
data/BankOfIreland/authentication?execution=e1s2 BoI Login 2
data/BankOfIreland/authentication?execution=e1s3 BoI app advert
data/BankOfIreland/authentication?execution=e1s4 BoI login failed
data/BankOfIreland/manageAccounts?execution=e5s1 BoI manage accounts
data/BankOfIreland/managePayees?execution=e6s1 BoI mange payees
data/BankOfIreland/statements?execution=e1s1 BoI account statement
data/BankOfIreland/moneyTransfer?execution=e7s1 BoI Funds Transfer 1
data/BankOfIreland/moneyTransfer?execution=e7s2 BoI Funds Transfer 2
data/BankOfIreland/moneyTransfer?execution=e7s3 BoI Funds Transfer 3
data/BankOfIreland/moneyTransfer?execution=e7s4 BoI Funds Transfer 4
data/BankOfIreland/moneyTransfer?execution=e7s5 BoI Funds Transfer 5
data/BankOfIreland/unscrubbed BoI unscrubbed
data/BankOfIreland/sessionExpired BoI Timeout
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)