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Module Version: 0.27   Source   Latest Release: Finance-Bank-IE-0.30


Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland - Interface to Bank of Ireland online banking


 use Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland;

 # config
 my $conf = { user => '', pin => '', contact => '', dob => '' };

 # get balance from all accounts
 my @accounts = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->check_balance( $conf );

 # get account transaction details
 my @details = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->account_details( $acct );

 # list beneficiaries for an account
 my $bene = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->list_beneficiaries( $acct );

 # transfer money to a beneficiary
 my $tx = Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland->funds_transfer( $from, $to, $amt );


Module to interact with BoI's 365 Online service.


Note that all functions are set up to act as methods (i.e. they all need to be invoked using F:B:I:B->method()). All functions also take an optional configuration hash as a final parameter.

login_dance( $config );

Logs in or refreshes the current session. The config parameter is a hash reference which is cached the first time it is used, so can be omitted thereafter. The contents of the hash are the login details for your 365 Online account:

  • user: your six-digit BoI user ID
  • pin: your six-digit PIN
  • contact: the last four digits of your contact number
  • dob: your date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format

No validation is currently done on the format of the config items. The function returns true or false. Note that this function should rarely need to be directly used as it's invoked by the other functions as a first step.


Fetch all account balances from the account summary page. Returns an array of Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland::Account objects.

*$self->account_details( account [,config] )
 Return transaction details from the specified account
* $self->list_beneficiaries( account )
 List beneficiaries of C<account>
* $self->funds_transfer( from, to, amount [,config] )
 Transfer C<amount> from C<from> to C<to>, optionally using C<config> as the config data.
* $self->_set_creds_fields( $config )
  Parse the last received page for credentials entry fields, and populate them with the data from C<$config>. Also injects the missing 'form:continue' hidden field.
* $scrubbed = $self->_scrub_page( $content )
 Scrub the supplied content for PII.
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