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Elive::StandardV2::SessionAttendance - Elluminate Session Attendance Report


This is the main entity class for session attendance reports.


roomName (Str)

The name of the room. This is derived from the name of the session as it was defined at the time the scheduled session was launched.

roomOpened (HiResDate)

The date and time that the room opened (also known as the date and time session was launched) in milliseconds.

roomClosed (HiResDate)

The date and time that the room shut down.

attendees (Arr)

This is a collection of Elive::StandardV2::SessionAttendance::Attendee objects. This collection represents all the attendees who were present in this session between the roomOpen and roomClosed time.

Since guests can attend sessions, not all the attendees may be users in your system.



    my $session_id = '123456789012';
    my $yesterday = DateTime->today->subtract(days => 1);

    my $attendance = Elive::StandardV2::SessionAttendance->list(
                                    sessionId => $session_id,
                                    startTime => $yesterday->epoch.'000');

Gets a session attendance report. It returns a reference to an array of Elive::StandardV2::SessionAttendance objects.

The attendance information is returned for the specified session for the 24 hour period starting from the date/time passed in. If the session ran more than once during that 24 hour period, you will get the attendance data for all instances of the session that ran during that date.

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