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Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Retort - Witty statements and replies to English word stems.


Will interpret IRC comments, find the roots of each word stated (using the Porter stemming algorithm as implemented by Text::English) and reply with a random witty statement defined by the users in the group.

    anon: I touched the file
    anon: bot, retort touch as heh, that's what she said.
    anon: I touched the file
    bot: heh, that's what she said

Where 'touch' is a root term for 'touched', 'touching', etc. Where the bot will translate all retort memory commands and statements into their root for canonicalization sakes.


retort <term> as <statement>

Will take the root of "term" and, effectively, push the "statement" onto the known list for the particular "term".

General channel discussions

Will find the roots of each of the words in each of the statements, matching them against the list of known terms to retort upon. If one is found, will choose an random statement from the list and say it. If more than one root in the statement is linked to a term, it will only say the first and ignore the rest of the statement's roots.

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