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This Release Alvis-Convert-0.4  [Download] [Browse 02 Jul 2007
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Special Files


Alvis::AinoDump     0.1
Alvis::Buffer Perl extension for buffering utilities for the Alvis pipeline     0.10
Alvis::Canonical Perl extension for converting documents in various formats into the Alvis canonical format for documents     0.31
Alvis::Convert Perl extension for converting documents from a number of different source formats to Alvis XML format.     0.4
Alvis::Document Perl extension for assembling an Alvis documentRecord from given pieces.      
Alvis::Document::Encoding     0.1
Alvis::Document::Links Perl extension for representing links occurring in documents.      
Alvis::Document::Meta Perl extension for representing meta information about a document, such as its URL, title, modification date, HTML header information, detected character set,...     0.1
Alvis::Document::Type Perl extension for guessing and checking the type of a document (an extension of MIME types).     0.1
Alvis::HTML Perl extension for converting documents in dirty HTML into "clean" HTML suitable for Alvis purposes     0.31
Alvis::Utils     0.01
Alvis::Wikipedia::CatGraph     0.1
Alvis::Wikipedia::Templates     0.1
Alvis::Wikipedia::Variables     0.1
Alvis::Wikipedia::WikitextParser     0.1
Alvis::Wikipedia::XMLDump     0.1


Alvis::Encoding Perl extension for guessing and checking the encoding of documents.  
alvisSource export XML content along the Alvis pipeline script to join ALVIS XML files into one ALVIS XML file. script to merge ALVIS XML files from input directory with ALVIS XML nodes in extra directory or file  
alvisXMLsplit splits a big file into pieces in a directory for easier processing. adds relevance scores for categories to an Alvis version of a Wikipedia dump  
html2alvis HTML to Alvis XML converter HTML to Alvis XML converter HTML to plain text converter news XML to Alvis XML converter Wikipedia XML dump to Alvis XML converter