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Jason Felds > Games-Framework-RCP-0.04_01


This Release Games-Framework-RCP-0.04_01  [Download] [Browse 04 Feb 2009 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Games::Framework::RCP Generic video game tactics based battle system.     0.04_01
Games::Framework::RCP::Database DBIx::Class setup file     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Callscript Listing of which characters are in a callscript: think grab bag.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CharCooldown How long must characters cool down before using a move?     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Character Every single character involved in this game one way or another.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CharacterCurrency Every currency a character has in storage.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CharacterInventory Every item a character has in storage.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CharacterMove All of the moves that every character knows.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Class Simple listing of all jobs and their stats.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ClassKind A list of the various types of classes.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ClassLevelUp The awards for leveling up a class.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ClassMove The moves each class has, along with how much to buy.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Color The foreground/background color combinations.     0.23
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Combatant The list of everyone that is fighting currently.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CombatantCurrency Every currency a combatant has in battle.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CombatantEquipHistory A history of every item equipped in the battle.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CombatantInventory Every item a combatant has in battle.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CombatantStatus The status effects that the combatants are inflicted with.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::CombinedItem The list of item combinations.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Currency The different currencies available.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::FloorItem All items dropped onto the arena floor.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Hazard The big list of hazards.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::HazardFlag The list of the various hazard flags.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::HazardSet The big list of hazard sets.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::HazardWithFlag Every hazard with all of the possible flags.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Item Every single item available in the game.     0.23
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ItemCategory A list of the various item categories.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ItemStat The list of the various stats that items can modify when used.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ItemUsage The list of the various item usages.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ItemWithStat Every item that gives a stat change upon using.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::ItemWithStatus Every item that gives a status effect upon using.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::Move Every single move available in the game.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::MoveCost The list of the various move costs.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::MoveFlag The list of the various move flags.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::MoveType The different move types available.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::MoveWithCost Every move with all of the their costs.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::MoveWithFlag Every move with all of the possible flags.     0.23
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::PlayerChar The list of every character with a real player behind the screen.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::StartingStatus The status effects classes start with.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::StatusEffect The big list of status effects.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::VarBool List of boolean variables.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::VarInt List of integer variables.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::VarReal List of real (double/float) variables.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Database::Result::VarStr List of string variables.     0.22
Games::Framework::RCP::Exceptions List of the various exceptions.     0.05
Games::Framework::RCP::Setup Get a connection and load quick defaults.     0.12