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Distribution Released
HTTP-Recorder-Httperf-0.02 An HTTP::Recorder subclass to record user actions as input for httperf for load testing [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2004
CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-Simple-1.01 Add Config::Simple support to CGI::Application [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2005
CGI-Application-Plugin-ViewCode-1.02 View the source of the running application [Download] [Browse] 22 Dec 2005
CGI-Application-Dispatch-2.12 Dispatch requests to CGI::Application based objects [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2008
Module-Build-Smolder-0.02 Extra build targets for sending smoke tests to a Smolder server [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2009
CGI-Application-Plugin-JSON-1.02 easy manipulation of JSON headers [Download] [Browse] 08 Apr 2009
TAP-Harness-Archive-0.14 Create an archive of TAP test results [Download] [Browse] 27 Jul 2009
Module-Build-TAPArchive-0.04 Extra build targets for creating TAP archives [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2009
Smolder-1.51 continuous integration smoke server [Download] [Browse] 15 Dec 2009
CGI-Application-MailPage-1.7 module to allow users to send HTML pages to friends. [Download] [Browse] 14 May 2010
Data-FormValidator-Constraints-DateTime-1.11 D::FV constraints for dates and times [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2010
Helm-0.1 helm - Easy server and cluster automation [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2011
CGI-Application-Plugin-Apache-1.02 Allow CGI::Application to use Apache::* modules without interference [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2011
helm-0.4 helm - Easy server and cluster automation [Download] [Browse] 28 Jun 2011
Net-Mollom-0.09 interface with Mollom web API [Download] [Browse] 21 May 2012
CGI-Application-Search-1.14 Base class for CGI::App Swish-e site engines [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2012
HTML-Template-2.95 Perl module to use HTML-like templating language [Download] [Browse] 21 Oct 2013