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SystemC::Parser - Parse SystemC Files


    package Trialparser;
    @ISA = qw(SystemC::Parser);

    sub module {
        my $self = shift;
        my $module = shift;
        print $self->filename.":".$self->lineno().": ";
        print "Contains the module declaration for $module\n";

    package main;
    my $sp = Trialparser->new();
    $sp->read ("test.sp");


SystemC::Parser reads SystemC files, and parses out the netlist interconnectivity and other information. As the tokens are recognized, callbacks are invoked. Note that the parser is designed to work on UNPREPROCESSED files.



Creates a new parser element.


Reads the filename and invokes necessary callbacks.


When called from inside a read() callback function, switches to the specified include file. The EOF of the include file will automatically switch back to the original file.



Returns the filename of the most recently returned object. May not match the filename passed on the command line, as #line directives are honored.


Returns the line number at the beginning of the most recently returned object.


Returns hash reference to list of all symbols with line number the symbol first was encountered on. (The hash is created instead of invoking a callback on each symbol for speed reasons.) Keywords may also be placed into the symbol table, this behavior may change.


$self->auto (text)

Auto is called with the text matching /*AUTOINST*/, etc.

$self->cell (instance, type)

Cell is called when SP_CELL is recognized. Parameters are the instance and type of the cell.

$self->cell_decl (type, instances)

Cell_decl is called when SP_CELL_DECL is recognized. Parameters are the type and instances of the cell. (Note the parameter order is opposite that of cell().)

$self->ctor (modulename)

Ctor is called when CP_CTOR is recognized. Parameter is the modulename.

$self->enum_value (enum_type, enum_name, enum_value)

Enum value is called with the enum type and name for a enumeration value. If in the file, the enumeration value (=n) is given.

$self->error (error_text, token)

Error is called when the parser hits a error. Token is the last unparsed token, which often gives a good indication of the error position.

$self->module (modulename)

Module is called when SC_MODULE is recognized.

$self->pin (cell, pin, pin_bus, signal, signal_bus)

Pin is called when SP_PIN is recognized.

$self->preproc_sp (text)

Preproc is called when a #sp line is recognized.

$self->signal (type, type_bus,name,name_bus)

Signal is called on port declarations or sc_signal declarations. The busses are any [] subscripts after the type names.

$self->text (text)

Text is called for all text not otherwise recognized. Dumping all text to a file will produce the original file, minus any #sp and stripped // Auto inserted comments.

$self->var_decl (type)

Var_decl is called on a variable declaration of sp_ui and any future SystemPerl types outside of other callbacks.


SystemPerl is part of the free SystemC software tool suite. The latest version is available from CPAN and from

Copyright 2001-2014 by Wilson Snyder. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 or the Perl Artistic License Version 2.0.


Wilson Snyder <>



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