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Source   Latest Release: WWW-YouTube-Download-0.58


youtube-playlists - Find a YouTube video URLs from playlist(s)


For each given argument youtube-playlists generates list of YouTube video URLs. Arguments can be URL to playlist or to favorite list, or only IDs of a playlist or a favorite list. Because of current implementation number of results is limited to 50 video URLs. Deleted videos are represented as empty lines.


  # print the list of video URLs
  $ youtube-playlists
  $ youtube-playlists PLB199169FA7413767

  # with youtube-download
  $ youtube-playlists PLB199169FA7413767 | youtube-download

  # with socks proxy
  $ youtube-playlists -p socks://<some IP>:<some port>/ PLB199169FA7413767


-C, --no-colors

Force disable colored output

-i, --video-id

Print only video IDs, not full URLs

-n, --normalize

Print only normalized playlist IDs, but do not fetch anything. You can call it also dry run.

-p, --proxy

Use the given proxy. Note that using a socks proxy requires LWP::protocol::socks to be installed.

-u, --users

Parses given parameters as YouTube usernames and lists their uploaded videos.

-v, --verbose

turns on chatty output

-h, --help

display help

-V, --version

display version


Yuji Shiamda (xaicron)

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