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Module Version: 1.02   Source   Latest Release: XAO-PodView-1.05


XAO::DO::Web::PodView - POD files viewer for XAO::Web


 <%PodView module="XAO::Web"%>


This displayable object for XAO::Web parses pod documentation inside installed perl modules and displays it. How it will look depends on a set of templates you provide and can theoretically vary from HTML to PostScript to XML as no specific HTML code is included in the module itself.

You can use this object to view documentation for all Perl modules installed in your system.

Default templates allow you to put the followin into your templates to display this manual pages for example:

 <%PodView module="XAO::DO::Web::PodView"%>

Alternatively you can give it a path to the file that would contain pod documentation after being processed by XAO::Page. This way you can even create and display dynamic POD documents.

 <%PodView path="/bits/example.pod"%>

By default it assumes that the output is "html" and uses appropriate =begin, =for and =end blocks. If you want to change that feel free to pass "format" argument:

 <%PodView module="IO::File" format="ps"%>

That will also change directory prefix for all templates internally used by PodView object -- you will need to provide them. And please, please, please -- if you are a PostScript guru who can create a set of templates that will produce nice looking PostScript document -- do a favor for the Perl community and share it, mail it to me ( and I'll make sure it will be included in the next release with correct acknowledgements.

The following templates are shipped with the PodView object and should be modified if you want. Remember, that you do not need to modify them in system directory - just copy them to your site and modify them there. You should actually only alter templates that you need, not all of them!

 bits/podview/html/command-back-bullet  =back
 bits/podview/html/command-back-number  =back
 bits/podview/html/command-back-text    =back
 bits/podview/html/command-head1        =head1
 bits/podview/html/command-head2        =head2
 bits/podview/html/command-item-bullet  =item
 bits/podview/html/command-item-number  =item
 bits/podview/html/command-item-text    =item
 bits/podview/html/command-over-bullet  =over
 bits/podview/html/command-over-number  =over
 bits/podview/html/command-over-text    =over
 bits/podview/html/command-unknown      unknown commands
 bits/podview/html/embed-bold           B<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-code           C<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-escape         E<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-file           F<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-italic         I<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-link-man       L<system manpage>
 bits/podview/html/embed-link-pod       L<perl module>
 bits/podview/html/embed-link-url       L<>
 bits/podview/html/embed-nbsp           S<text>
 bits/podview/html/embed-unknown        unknown<text>
 bits/podview/html/pod-start            start of the document
 bits/podview/html/pod-stop             end of the document
 bits/podview/html/textblock-start      start of text paragraphs
 bits/podview/html/textblock-stop       end of paragraphs
 bits/podview/html/textblock-text       paragraph body
 bits/podview/html/verbatim-start       start of verbatim paragraph
 bits/podview/html/verbatim-stop        stop of verbatim paragraph
 bits/podview/html/verbatim-text        verbatim paragraph body

A little explanation is required for start and stop for textblock and verbatim. PodView calls 'start' before a set of continous textblock or verbatim paragraphs and 'stop' after it.

Normally start and stop for textblock are empty with <P> and </P> included in textblock-body. For verbatim mode start contains <PRE> and stop contains </PRE>. That means in effect that empty line between two verbatim paragraphs would not break verbatim mode as it happens with all pod processors I looked at.

And at the same time if you do want to treat verbatim paragraphs one by one - you're free to do so by altering templates.


No publicly available methods except overriden display().




Copyright (c) 2001 XAO Inc.

Andrew Maltsev <>.


Recommended reading: XAO::Web, XAO::DO::Web::Page.

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