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Yanick Champoux > Bread-Board


This Release Bread-Board-0.36  [Download] [Browse 25 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bread::Board A solderless way to wire up your application components     0.36
Bread::Board::BlockInjection service instantiated via custom subroutine     0.36
Bread::Board::ConstructorInjection service instantiating objects via a constructor     0.36
Bread::Board::Container A container for services and other containers     0.36
Bread::Board::Container::FromParameterized container with weak parent reference     0.36
Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized A parameterized container     0.36
Bread::Board::Dependency dependency for a service     0.36
Bread::Board::Dumper Pretty printer for visualizing the layout of your Bread::Board     0.36
Bread::Board::LifeCycle base lifecycle role     0.36
Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton service role for singleton lifecycle     0.36
Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton::WithParameters singleton lifecycle role for a parameterized service     0.36
Bread::Board::Literal service providing a literal value     0.36
Bread::Board::Service Base service role     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::Alias aliases another service     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::Deferred Helper for holding a service that is not quite constructed yet     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::Deferred::Thunk Helper for using services with incomplete parameters     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::Inferred Helper for inferring a service from a Moose object     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::WithClass role for services returning instances of a given class     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::WithConstructor     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies Services with dependencies     0.36
Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters Services with parameters     0.36
Bread::Board::SetterInjection service instantiating objects via setter functions     0.36
Bread::Board::Traversable role for traversing a container service tree     0.36
Bread::Board::Types types and coercions for Bread::Board     0.36


Bread::Board::Manual A manual for Bread::Board  
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts An overview of the concepts in Bread::Board  
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Advanced An overview of some of the more advanced Bread::Board concepts  
Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Typemap An overview of the typemapping feature  
Bread::Board::Manual::Example A set of examples of Bread::Board usage  
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::FormSensible A Form::Sensible and Catalyst example.  
Bread::Board::Manual::Example::LogDispatch An example of composing a dynamic Log::Dispatch object.  

Other Files