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Yanick Champoux > Taskwarrior-Kusarigama-0.5.0


This Release Taskwarrior-Kusarigama-0.5.0  [Download] [Browse 31 Dec 2017
Latest Release Taskwarrior-Kusarigama-0.9.1  [Download] [Browse 04 Jun 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Taskwarrior::Kusarigama plugin system for the Taskwarrior task manager     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::App helper app for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::App::Add Add plugins to Taskwarrior     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::App::Decimate interactively re-prioritize tasks     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::App::Install install scripts and tweak config for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::App::Review interactive review of unprioritized tasks     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Core Set of core functions interacting with Taskwarrior     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook Entry-point for Kusarigama's hook scripts     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook::OnAdd Role for plugins running during the task creation stage     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook::OnCommand Role for plugins implementing custom commands     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook::OnExit Role for plugins running during the exit stage     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook::OnLaunch Role for plugins running during the task launch stage     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Hook::OnModify Role for plugins running during the task modification stage     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin Base class for Kusarigama plugins     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::AndAfter create a subsequent task     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::ButBefore Create a preceding task     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::Morning run taskwarrior's garbage collection     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::Open open links associated to a task     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::Progress Record progress on a task     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Command::Wait hide tasks for a wee while     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::GitCommit turns the task repo into a git repository     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::ProjectAlias turn @foo into project:foo     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::Renew create a follow-up task upon completion     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Plugin::SingleActive     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Task per-task Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper interface to the taskwarrior's 'task' command     v0.5.0
Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper::Exception Exception class for Taskwarrior::Kusarigama::Wrapper     v0.5.0



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