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Distribution Released
srcat-0.02 Concat multiple JavaScript source files and replace <script> tags in your HTML file [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2010
JSON-RPC2-AnyEvent-Server-PSGI-0.01 PSGI adapter for JSON::RPC2::AnyEvent::Server [Download] [Browse] 20 Oct 2013
JSON-RPC2-AnyEvent-0.02 Yet-another, transport-independent and asynchronous JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation [Download] [Browse] 20 Oct 2013
AnyEvent-InMemoryCache-0.01 Simple in-memory cache for AnyEvent applications [Download] [Browse] 29 Oct 2013
Log-Minimal-Indent-0.01 Log::Minimal extension to support indentation [Download] [Browse] 29 Oct 2013
DateTime-Format-JavaScript-0.02 Parses and formats Date of JavaScript [Download] [Browse] 27 Jul 2014