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Module Version: 0.058.26   Source   Latest Release: Test-AutomationFramework-0.060.05g

NAME Test::AutomationFramework - Test Automation Framework (TAF) ^

SYNOPSIS 1. Download and install Test::AutomationFramework from CPAN 2. DOS>perl -MTest::AutomationFramework -e "help" 3. A WebUI is created, which can display and execute, as well as view test case by *ONE* mouse click 3. Modify taf.bat for the automated test suit structures 4. Modify c:\[test_suit]\[test_case]\ to plug-in the customer test case 5. Execute taf.bat to get the webUI 6. Run test cases, view test result, view test logs with mouse click only. - Enjoy TAF 7. Please email ywangperl@gmail for questions/suggestions/bugs

DESCRIPTION TAF manages automated test cases regarding test setup, test query, test execution and test reult reportings without any programming nor reading user manual.

        TAF defines a automated test case as [c:]\[test_suite]\[test_case]\
       returns Pass|fail|numerical number
       creates tc's log file as [c:]\[test_suite]\[test_case]\
       creates test suite's webUI at [c:]\[test_suite]\index.htm 

LICENSE This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. ^

AUTHOR Yong Wang ( ^

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