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This Release tk-zinc-3.303  [Download] [Browse 01 Apr 2006
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Special Files


SimpleRadarControls     1.02
Tk::Zinc TkZinc is another Canvas which proposes many new functions, some based on openGL    3.303
Tk::Zinc::Debug a perl module for analysing a Zinc application.    1.58
Tk::Zinc::Graphics     1.12
Tk::Zinc::Logo a perl module for drawing the TkZinc logo.    1.06
Tk::Zinc::Text Zinc extension for easing text input on text item or on fields    1.02
Tk::Zinc::Trace A module to trace all Tk::Zinc method calls    1.13
Tk::Zinc::TraceErrors A module to trace all Tk::Zinc method calls which generate an error    1.08
Tk::Zinc::TraceUtils     1.07


Graphics : module Perl facilitant la creation d'objets graphiques complexes par une description simplifiee. 
zinc-demos Demonstration of TkZinc widget functionnality 

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