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Igor Zinovyev > Eve-0.06


This Release Eve-0.06  [Download] [Browse 05 May 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Eve The web service creation framework written with events in mind.     0.06
Eve::Class a class that all other library classes use as a parent.      
Eve::DbiStub a stub for replacing the database in unit tests.      
Eve::Email a wrapper for the Email::Sender::Simple library.      
Eve::EmailStub a helper stub class that replaces the mailer class.      
Eve::Event a base class for all event classes.      
Eve::Event::ExternalProfileAdd a new external profile is added.      
Eve::Event::ExternalSignup external signup profile available.      
Eve::Event::HttpRequestReceived HTTP request received.      
Eve::Event::HttpResponseReady HTTP response ready.      
Eve::Event::PsgiRequestReceived HTTP request received through PSGI.      
Eve::EventHandler a base class for event handlers.      
Eve::EventMap maps events to event handlers.      
Eve::EventTestBase a base class for event test case classes.      
Eve::Exception a module that defines a set of exception classes.      
Eve::Gateway::PgSql a base class for PostgreSQL data gateways.      
Eve::Geometry an abstract geometry class for map projection purposes.      
Eve::Geometry::Point a point geometry class for map projection purposes.      
Eve::Geometry::Polygon a polygon geometry class for map projection purposes.      
Eve::HttpDispatcher an event handler for HTTP request events.      
Eve::HttpOutput an event handler for HTTP response events.      
Eve::HttpRequest an abstract HTTP request adapter.      
Eve::HttpRequest::Psgi an HTTP request adapter for the PSGI interface.      
Eve::HttpResource a base class for HTTP resource controllers.      
Eve::HttpResource::Graph a base class for the Graph API node HTTP resources.      
Eve::HttpResource::Template a simple HTTP resource with a template.      
Eve::HttpResourceGraphTestBase a base class for all Graph API HTTP resource classes.      
Eve::HttpResponse an HTTP response abstract class.      
Eve::Item a base class for item classes.      
Eve::Item::Entry a base class for workflow items.      
Eve::ItemEntryTestBase a base class for all entry item classes.      
Eve::ItemTestBase a base class for all item classes.      
Eve::Json a JSON converter adapter.      
Eve::PgSql the PostgreSQL factory.      
Eve::PgSqlConnection a class for PostgreSQL connection.      
Eve::PgSqlFunction a PostgreSQL stored function class.      
Eve::PgSqlType a base class for PostgreSQL types.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Array a PostgreSQL array type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Bigint a PostgreSQL bigint type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Boolean a PostgreSQL boolean type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Double a PostgreSQL double precision float type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::DoubleArray a PostgreSQL double precision array type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::DriverNative a PostgreSQL type native for DBD::Pg DBI driver.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Geometry a generic PostGIS geometry type wrapper.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Integer a PostgreSQL integer type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::IntegerArray a PostgreSQL integer array type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Interval a PostgreSQL interval type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Smallint a PostgreSQL smallint type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Text a PostgreSQL text type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::Timestamp a PostgreSQL timestamp without timezone type.      
Eve::PgSqlType::TimestampWithTimeZone a PostgreSQL timestamp with timezone type.      
Eve::PsgiStub a stub class to easily create mock versions of HTTP requests.      
Eve::Registry a service provider class.      
Eve::RegistryStub a helper class that replaces the registry with a mock object.      
Eve::Session a persistent session class.      
Eve::Support an utility class that houses various helper functions      
Eve::Template a template engine class.      
Eve::TemplateStub a stub class that replaces the template class with a mock.      
Eve::Test a base class for all test cases.      
Eve::Uri a URI automation class.      


Eve::GatewayPgSqlTestBase a postgres gateway test base class.  

Other Files